Formula 1 in Camera

1970-79 (VOLUME 2)
by Paul Parker

The latest instalment of Paul Parker’s excellent ‘In Camera’ series, this glossy, image-led book delves deep into the archives to take another look at the decade of the 1970s.

Following on from Volume 1 a few years ago, this continues from the previous works by showing images of far-lung races, less well-known drivers and small, underfunded teams.

There is an overwhelming number of books stuffed full of statistics and information released regularly, so this is a welcome change of pace in having extended and informative picture captions to narrate the decade. This isn’t meant to be a definitive record of all the races, this is purely a glorious pictorial review of a time that started out with the safety, technology and sensibilities anchored in the ’60s, but ended it with turbos, ground effect and big-money sponsorship pointing the sport irmly towards the future. DC

Published by Haynes ISBN 978 0 85733 074 1, £35