Credit Suisse: a loyal supporter of the classic car scene

Pebble Beach, Goodwood, Monaco – fixtures at the forefront of the classic car enthusiast’s mind. Roaring engines, chrome glinting in sunlight, the smell of gasoline in the air – this is what draws swathes of passionate visitors, classic car drivers and Credit Suisse customers to historic racing.

Many Credit Suisse clients and co-workers share a common, fascinating passion: they are enthralled with the history of automotive technology from its earliest origins to the present day, and are themselves classic car owners.

Therefore it was a natural it for Credit Suisse to create its own Classic Car Program – a forum that not only gives customers an opportunity to drive, but to network and meet famous names from the world of motorsport, including Alain de Cadenet and Jochen Mass. The result is a growing community with a love of classic cars and often based on personal friendships.

Karsten Le Blanc, a managing director at Credit Suisse and a keen car enthusiast says: “With our recent activities at the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique we proved that we are not only a sponsor of motor sport events but a partner at the very heart of the scene. In Monaco, we set up the Credit Suisse Drivers Club for racers and VIPs, hosted our irst Historic Racing Forum for the media and organised our ‘Monaco Classics’ Spring rally, including the Credit Suisse Classic Car Rally Parade on the Monaco race track.

Our activities provided a clear indication that we are more committed than ever to our involvement in the classic scene”