2021 BMW M440i Convertible review

Convertible BMW is no sports car but there’s little to fault it

2021 BMW M440i convertible

The electric folding top is newly developed and can be opened and closed at up to 30mph

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This is an undemanding car for an undemanding kind of driver. When I drove its coupé sister I was really rather taken with it, pointing out at the time that the M4 would have to be quite something else to be worth the additional outlay. Now, having driven both, I’d still stay with the 440i. But this convertible has an entirely different feel to it.

That folding fabric roof adds an enormous 150kg of weight to an already scarcely light car which means that once I’m on board this is almost a two-tonne machine. It’s softer, slower and of course less structurally sound too. Which means that if you drive it like a sports car, it doesn’t take long before it starts to get flustered.

It’s just not that kind of car. It makes a much better case for itself as a boulevard cruiser, if that’s what you want. It’s saloon-car quiet with the roof up and wind management with it stowed away is very good. The ride is exceptional on all but really difficult roads and the interior feels worth every penny of the purchase price. It’s a car for wafting, with the added provision of a smooth slug of power from the ever excellent straight-six turbo motor should anything get in your way.

It is not, remotely, my kind of car but if the idea of it makes you think it could be yours, the reality is unlikely to disappoint. This then is a really good car, just for someone other than me.

BMW M440i xDrive Convertible

Price £59,650
Engine 5 litres, 6 cylinders, turbocharged, petrol
Power 369bhp
Weight 1890kg
Power to weight 195bhp per tonne
Transmission Eight-speed automatic, four-wheel drive
0-60mph 4.9sec
Top speed 155mph
Economy 36.2mph
CO₂ 177g/km
Verdict Great for wafting about