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Page 23 of September 1973 archive issue thumbnail Page 23, September 1973

Matters Of Moment

An Eight-Cylinder MG The history of MG has taken another leap forward. In the middle of last month British Leyland announced a new version of the long-lived and very popular MG-B, in the form of the very first eight-cylinder of this make. It follows the expected lines, using the Buick light-alloy V8 3.5-litre power pack which BL borrowed for the Rover 3500 V8 and the dignified 3.5-litre Rover in...

Page 13 of October 1931 archive issue thumbnail Page 13, October 1931


MODELS OR 1932 Details from Manufacturers New Year Programmes. ALVIS. THE Alvis range for the coming season comprises four models, all being now in production. These are the 12-50 h.p., the 12-60 h.p., the " Silver Eagle" Sixteen and the ' Silver Eagle " Twenty. The 12-50 h.p. remains in main essentials as before, but detail modifications have been made ; the radiator, for example, is now true...

Page 13 of December 1929 archive issue thumbnail Page 13, December 1929


BEHIND HE SCENES An interview with Mr. T. G. John, Managing Director of the Alvis Company. AS the Alvis concern have, since the war, been so much to the fore in the development of the really fast light car in this country, it was with special interest that we called On Mr. T. G. John recently to obtain his views on things in general, and sports cars in particular. Mr. John, who founded the .Alvis...

Page 50 of November 1930 archive issue thumbnail Page 50, November 1930


IH IE IR E. arid IF ERE m s haft" Bentleys and World Markets. THE efforts of the British motor industry to develop their export markets both in the Colonies and elsewhere will receive a fillip by the latest move of Bentley Motors, preliminary details of which, I heard of some little time ago. The success of this car in International road races has earned for it a world-wide reputation and with...

Page 75 of January 1982 archive issue thumbnail Page 75, January 1982

Books for the New Year

Books for the New Year "From Cyclecar To Microcar" by Michael Worthington-Williams. 112 pp. 1 8," (Dalton Watson Ltd., 76, Wardour Street, London, W 4AN. 0.75, I suppose it was inevitable that sooner or later a book would be written about cyclecars and the later generation of economy cars and bubble-manifestations. Michael WorthingtonWilliams has been first off the mark in this refreshingly new...

Page 30 of August 1931 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, August 1931


ITEMS OF INTEREST FROM VARIOUS SOURCES B.R.D.C. 500 Miles Race. THE, handicap figures in connection with the B.R.D.C. 500 Miles Race to be held, at Brooklands on October 3rd are now completed and given below. It will be seen that non-supercharged cars are shown a slight favour, there being separate handicaps for supercharged and non-supercharged cars. There will, therefore, be two starting times...

Page 18 of April 1953 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, April 1953

Book Reviews

Those Bentley Days  by A. F. C. Hillstead. 196 pp., 9 in. by 5 1/2 in. (Faber and Faber, Ltd., 24, Russell Square, W.1; 21s.) This is an excellent book in every way, nicely produced, with rare photographs, and filling in many gaps in the history of the old Bentley Company from its formation in 1919 to its demise in 1930. The author, who was on the sales staff from beginning to almost the end,...

Page 28 of April 1958 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, April 1958

The front-wheel-drive Alvis

Its development and racing career By G. N. S. Davis Part 2: The sports cars The Alvis Company had built their last pure racing car in 1927, but this by no means indicated that their interest in entering races as a works team was over. Largely as a result of the 24-hour race for sports cars at Le Mans, which was increasing in importance from year to year, sports-car racing was attracting a great...

Page 24 of August 1959 archive issue thumbnail Page 24, August 1959


Bristol M.C. & L.C.C. Veteran Car Rally (July 4th) Results: Rally: Veteran Class: H. R. Timmis (1903 Gladiator), 50½ miles. Edwardian Class: H. W. Ardran (1907 Napier), 267 miles. Trial: The Lawson Trophy for the best performance by a veteran car:  E. D. Wolley (1897 Daimler), 0 marks lost. The Hutton Stott Cup for veteran cars with not more than two forward speeds: A.C.M. Sir Alec Coryton, K...

Page 38 of March 1976 archive issue thumbnail Page 38, March 1976

Cars in books

After having to rely on readers' recommendations for the survival of this longrunning feature, we are off again, with material provided by my own reading sessions of non-motoring literature. First then, "I've Lived Like a Lord" by Edward Ward (Michael Joseph, 1970), whose father was Lord Bangor of Castle Ward in Ireland and who travelled extensively for the BBC and other organisations. Cars had...



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