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Page 17 of July 1954 archive issue thumbnail Page 17, July 1954

The Withdrawl Of Austin-Healey

By withdrawing their entries shortly before the Le Mans race and announcing their intention of withdrawing from European sports car races Austin-Healey called forth considerable criticism. The French sporting paper L'Equipe called Donald Healey's action unfair and the Sports Editor of one of our weekly contemporaries has referred to the matter as discourteous to the Le Mans organisers. To...

Page 26 of September 1955 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, September 1955

Racing and the Catalogue Car

The Editor Looks at the Gap Between the Cars Manufacturers Race and the Cars they Sell I refuse to write another word about the Le Mans accident, which some people attribute partially to the immensely high speed of modern sports/racing cars, but which was really a freak happening which, if any known factor was involved, was the result of cars of widely-differing speeds occupying the same circuit...

Page 56 of July 1963 archive issue thumbnail Page 56, July 1963

Miniatures news

This month this feature appears on a vintage page, because it concerns vintage miniatures. The picture above is of a fine 1/5th-scale working model of a 1913 A-type Gnome Monosoupape rotary aero engine built by F. Boler of Leatherhead. He made every part, except the plugs, even to screws, nuts and washers, a 2 1/2 years' spare-time task. The engine has a bore and stroke of 0.718 in. x 1.000 in.,...

Page 13 of November 1950 archive issue thumbnail Page 13, November 1950


AIR by the Editor ULTRA-LIGHT NOSTALGIA I'M suffering from Ultra-Light Nostalgia and am trying to forget: the present-day apathy on the part of officialdom for private-owner flying by delving into the past. I must say this has strengthened enormously my faith in the really low-power light nerophine. In spite 4,f " Lymptie laments," Fbing Flea fiascos mid " pessimisms, I maintain that. the light...

Page 55 of October 1982 archive issue thumbnail Page 55, October 1982

Veteran Edwardian Vintage

Veteran Edwardian Vintage A SECTION DEVOTED TO OLD-CAR MATTERS "The Long-Distance Lady" — We visit Mrs. Hindmarsh EVEN before she married Johnny Hindmarsh, the well-known Tallest and Lagonda driver, whose achievements included winning Le Mans in 1935 for the latter company, Mrs. Hindmarsh knew a lot about motor-cars and motor-racing through her open competition accomplishments, notably with...

Page 49 of August 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 49, August 1979

Will the turbine-car ever surface?

The Editor Recalls Some Attempts to Get Rid of the Reciprocating Engine With the Turbo-cars very much in the news and the hum of gas-turbines in aeroplanes a familiar daily sound, it seems odd that all attempts to market a pure turbine-car have so far come to naught, although Chrysler listed one for a while. The Wankel rotary engine is to be found under the bonnet of a 1979 Mazda which you can...

Page 66 of October 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 66, October 1996

Just A Thought...

It is very apparent how many of the original Austin Sevens have survived, so that they are prominent in VSCC trials and well represented in the speed events and races of that Club, as they continue to be in many other events; after all, there are some 23 organisations devoted to the famous Baby Austin, led by the 750 MC which started the whole thing back in 1939. One rather delightful facet of...

Page 75 of December 1989 archive issue thumbnail Page 75, December 1989

Club notes and V-to-C miscellany

The Jubilee VSCC Welsh Trial was quite an occasion and last month we gave the provisional results, which omitted to say that P Swinger's 1923 A7 tied with R Felton's 1923 Bugatti for best performance. Or that the Smatcher Trophy was won by D Lee's 1927 Salmson. Southeby's handout on the above event included a list of all the winners in this VSCC Welsh Trial since 1939, and as this is a tough...

Page 39 of June 1949 archive issue thumbnail Page 39, June 1949

Club News

We Hear During April an 1899 Weston steam car made a last triumphant journey through York to the museum, to which it has been presented by K. Tye. The car is in really beautiful condition and its last journey was well written-up in the local Press. Incidentally, the police sportingly gave sanction for it to run sans trade number plates, so as to improve its appearance before the Press cameras....

Page 48 of October 1974 archive issue thumbnail Page 48, October 1974

Vanden Plas

A fragment of the past in the modern world of British Leyland. With the introduction of their new Vanden Plas 1500, a replacement for the Vanden Plas 1300 based upon the Allegro, British Leyland chose the opportunity to show a party of journalists round Vanden Plas' historic Kingsbury, North London, factory. Apart from Mulliner-Park Ward, whose now combined names serve Rolls-Royce and Bentley,...



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