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Page 47 of March 2007 archive issue thumbnail Page 47, March 2007

Profile: Lancia Stratos

The Lancia Stratos had incomparably dramatic looks and boasted spectacular successes. We trace the car’s development and detail the history of one works example Words: John Davenport. Photography: Ian Fraser Between 1971 and 1974 a secret war was being waged in a north-Italian city that was every bit as bloody, in a metaphorical sense, as those of the Borgias. The city was Turin and the...

Page 34 of October 2008 archive issue thumbnail Page 34, October 2008

Mat Oxley – MotoGP

Italy’s other red star Ducati is a remarkable company. It builds just 40,000 bikes each year and yet it can humble the combined might of the Japanese industry in motorcycling’s biggest race series. The little Italian marque’s domination of last year’s MotoGP World Championship was undoubtedly its greatest success in six decades of existence, cementing the legend that it is the ‘Ferrari of...

Page 32 of June 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 32, June 1975

A trip in a Ferrari Boxer and to Maranello

"MMM, would you like to try it ?" Just seven words spoken by former sporting and GT racing specialist Mike Salmon, but they brightened what had already been an interesting morning into an extraordinary day, for "it" was a Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer. The Boxer is a legend built on boggling facts, a logical extension of racing practice, adapted to produce a stupendous road car. The flat-12 engine (...

Page 45 of September 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 45, September 1975

1975 British Grand Prix race report - Chaotic

  The British GP, for what it was worth, took place at Silverstone on Saturday, July 19th, in very unsettled weather conditions and had to be abandoned after 56 of the 67 laps had been run, not so much because of the torrential rain, but because there were so few of the competitors left on the track, the majority being tangled up in the catch-fences that now cover the run-off areas. Wilson...

Page 18 of March 1967 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, March 1967

Racing Notes

News from McLaren At the end of last season the McLaren Racing Team decided to cut their losses and abandon the 3-litre Ford-Indy-engined Formula One car project, as well as the abortive Serenissima-engined gap-filler. In the short months of the off-season they designed and built an entirely new car with a new purpose in life. This is a small and compact car that is basically intended for...

Page 4 of October 1988 archive issue thumbnail Page 4, October 1988

Ferrari under Fiat

The death of Enzo Ferrari poses the question of what will happen to the Formula One Ferraris and Ferrari road cars now that this great character no longer has control. Fiat owns Ferrari and speculation about what this Italian colossus will do, now that Enzo Ferrari has gone, is bound to be of concem to all enthusiasts. Indeed, the matter has been discussed already, in a journal which we feel we...

Page 132 of February 2009 archive issue thumbnail Page 132, February 2009

Middle-aged but still game

Forty-two years ago the fourth string to Col Hoare’s Le Mans bow carried off an unexpected trophy – and is still flying his colours I will admit it – bawling around the Adelaide Hills in the ex-Maranello Concessionaires Ferrari 275GTB/C is not altogether disagreeable. While so involved back in mid-November, the view forward over that rosso corsa nose with its bright Cambridge-blue centre stripe...

Page 47 of April 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 47, April 2004

Ferrari: 50 years of boom and slump

It is the most charismatic name in Formula One, but not simply because of its successes. Ferrari's flaws and failures over the team's first half century played a big part in creating the legend 1950s Unsteady as she grows Enzo Ferrari faced personal loss and huge pressure as his new company grew: by Paul Fearnley His office overlooked the factory gates that way he could keep an eye on his...

Page 74 of June 2007 archive issue thumbnail Page 74, June 2007

Ferrari F40

Built to honour Ferrari’s Big 4-0, this adrenalin-charged device was the fastest production car of them all in 1987. But does it still stack up two decades on? When it came out in 1987, the F40 was the fastest car in the world, quicker and more powerful than its rival the Porsche 959, and the first car ever to have a three-digit top speed which began with a ‘2’. Ten years ago I wrote a not...

Page 59 of June 2007 archive issue thumbnail Page 59, June 2007

Profile: Ferrari 126CK

As Ferrari's first turbocharged 1.5-litre grand prix car, the 126CK broke with marque tradition, but its two victories in 1981 were largely down to Gilles Villeneuve's genius behind the wheelWords: Alan Henry. Photography: Charlie Magee Tech spec - Ferrari 126CK - Chassis 052 Chassis Multi-tube spaceframe skinned with aluminium alloy sheet Front suspension: double wishbones, rocker arms, inboard...



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Ford vs Ferrari: The Le Mans '66 Film Special



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