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Page 40 of November 1955 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, November 1955

The Thirty-Ninth Targa Florio - Youth to the Fore

Palermo, October 16th This year the age-old Targa Florio took on a new lease of life as it was included in the events counting for the manufacturers' world championship of sports cars. With the points marking leaving the situation very open between Jaguar, Ferrari, and Mercedes-Benz, the race took on the position of the final decision for the honours in this championship. Mercedes-Benz went to...

Page 28 of July 1957 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, July 1957

The A.D.A.C. 1,000-Kilometre Race—Nurburgring

Aston Martin's Greatest Victory Adenau, May 26th. With a race of the nature of the 1,000-kilometres at Nurburgring the practice periods are more in the nature of proving and testing periods than practice as applied to a Grand Prix race. The Nurburgring, with its 22.81 kilometres of twists and turns, demands the utmost from drivers and cars, and a race over 1,000 kilometres requires careful...

Page 64 of April 1989 archive issue thumbnail Page 64, April 1989

Hands off the ACO

Sir, What more will FISA do to draw the teeth of the Automobile Club de l'Ouest? Le Mans as we all know is the real jewel in the sports-car crown, with its history of endurance racing. Must we let FISA go on eroding the principles this great race has stood for since 1923? Once more laying down the laws of conformity, and introducing sprint races, will only serve to either dilute or even destroy...

Page 50 of July 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 50, July 1972

Getting to know Britian's best selling car

A Long-Duration Test of the Ford Cortina Mk. 3 in 1600 (o.h.c.) GT form People in Britain are buying More Cortina Mk. 3s than any other cars. The Cortina by Ford of Britain, their first model to have a name based on a European town, was introduced in September 1962, known then as a Consul Cortina. I remember going to its its pre-view and being unimpressed, for it seemed a gutless affair compared...

Page 28 of February 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, February 1972

Road impressions: the Austin 1300 GT Mk III

Forget the "GT" label, which is, of course, fatuous! The car in question is the latest version of the largest of BL's 1100/1300 small-car range, in twin-carburetter form. Until the October 1971 sales returns of the SMM & T were published, these BMC-orientated 1100/1300s were Britain's best-selling cars. The Ford Cortina has now overtaken them. This fact is interesting; suggesting as it does...

Page 84 of May 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 84, May 1999

Blood & Thunder

Jaguar once built the best sports saloon in the world and if the new S-Type is to succeed it must do it all over again. Matthew Franey pits the new car against a ratherspecial version of the old. Heritage. You can define it easily - enough the Oxford English says simply "anything that is or may be inherited" - but try and put your finger on what it means in an automotive sense. Our industry is...

Page 17 of April 1958 archive issue thumbnail Page 17, April 1958

Springtime activities in the workshops

As Easter approaches, and Goodwood opens the international racing calendar as far as Britain is concerned, there is more and more work going on in the various racing departments, and new cars begin to near completion while old ones are being finished off after a winter overhaul. In the middle of March, in time to get these words into print on April 1st, we made a visit to some of the premises...

Page 35 of April 1961 archive issue thumbnail Page 35, April 1961

The New 3.8-Litre Jaguar E-Type G.T.

For many years now, indeed ever since before the war when the S.S.1 was conceived, new models from the company that is now Jaguar Cars Ltd. have each one been "a winner." This is particularly true of the sensational E-type Jaguar which was announced to the world on March 15th. When the first S.S.1 was released it caused a sensation not only because it had impressive lines and went very well but...

Page 72 of March 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 72, March 1972

The Lamborghini Espada

A remarkable motor car Anyone who has met Ferruccio Lamborghini will know that he is a remarkable man with a passion for good motor cars and a natural flair for business and engineering. Having built up a very solid industrial empire in Italy, manufacturing agricultural tractors and domestic and industrial heating plants, he turned his attention to motor cars and from the very beginning in 1963...

Page 18 of May 1958 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, May 1958

The XVIlle Grand Prix de Pau

Pau (France), April 7th. Oh dear! How times do change. The pleasant town of Pau, basking in hot sunshine at the foot of the Pyrenees, Easter and Grand Prix cars have all been synonymous in the past. Looking through the records list we find names such as Nuvolari (Alfa-Romeo), Wimille (Bugatti), Lang (Mercedes-Benz), Fangio (Maserati), Ascari (Ferrari) and Behra (Maserati), all great drivers at...



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