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Page 23 of November 1954 archive issue thumbnail Page 23, November 1954

Sampling the 300SL Mercedez-Benz

The 300SL Mercédès-Benz, which created such a sensation in sports-car racing two years ago, until the manufacturers withdrew it from competitions because "they had learnt all they needed to know," was brought to Silverstone on October 14th for the delectation of a few favoured motoring journalists. Rudolf Uhlenhaut, head of the Mercédès-Benz experimental and racing department, drove each...

Page 20 of September 1957 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, September 1957

Continental Notes

Now that B.R.M. have won a Grand Prix race, admittedly a small one, we are in the happy position of each of our current Formula 1 Grand Prix teams having won a race. To Connaught must go the honours for achieving the first victory, to Vanwall the honours for the most important victory, and to B.R.M. the honours for setting the seal on the downfall of Italian cars in Grand Prix racing. When...

Page 27 of May 1955 archive issue thumbnail Page 27, May 1955

A Little Motoring

Having put the April issue of Motor Sport, in the more polite jargon of Fleet Street, "to bed" your editor decided to forsake fountain pen and keyboard for steering wheel and gear-lever. Austin A50 Marathon Consequently, the Monday after the first Goodwood Members' Meeting saw me setting out towards the West Country as passenger in a new Healey 100 belonging to Kenneth Best, Competitions Manager...

Page 47 of August 1956 archive issue thumbnail Page 47, August 1956

Miscellany at Monza

Having a few days to spare I paid a visit to the Monza Autodrome and during the course of a week there was almost continuous activity. The Monza Autodrome is a very permanent fixture and is always available for testing and practice, it being possible for any firm or individual to reserve the track for their own purposes or for record breaking. When it is not booked it is open to the public, who...

Page 34 of April 1958 archive issue thumbnail Page 34, April 1958


Across the Mill Pond America is an ally of ours and, indeed, her armed forces occupy our island. So it is necessary that a conscientious motoring journalist should keep a watchful eye on the automobiles that emanate from the U.S.A. More than ever before are Americans small foreign-car conscious. While their own products seem to be standing unsold in the showrooms to some extent small imported...

Page 44 of November 1953 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, November 1953


Theory and Practice by the Continental Correspondent The beginning of October saw the opening of the 40th Paris Salon and from the French buyer's point of view the whole show took on a much more practical air than in the past, there being cars on view that were in production and on sale, rather than the usual French collection of oddities and absurdities that have dominated past Salons. Freaks...

Page 40 of May 1959 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, May 1959

Continental Notes

Over the years the Continental racing scene has been gradually changing, for better and for worse, but this year it took a decided step backwards, for Easter went by with no racing whatsoever taking place. For years now it has been traditional for the Pau G.P. to be held on Easter Monday, and, depending whether Easter was early or late, this event or the Syracuse G.P. opened the European racing...

Page 82 of March 1992 archive issue thumbnail Page 82, March 1992

The Jaguar E-Type

(MOTOR SPORT TEST 1962) When the Jaguar E-type was announced at last year's Geneva Show it aroused World-wide admiration and was an immediate success. So naturally, everyone wanted to try it. But, apart from brief acquaintance with an early specimen down M1 and up A5, we had to exhibit patience, partly because certain teething troubles required sorting out — such as the rear wheels fouling the...

Page 32 of May 1957 archive issue thumbnail Page 32, May 1957

Giro Di Sicilia

Ferrari Win Again in Sicily Palermo, April 14th. The unsettled spring weather all over the island of Sicily continued throughout the week before the Giro di Sicilia, the 1,080-kilometre Sicilian version of the Mille Miglia, one day being hot, the next cold. On the Saturday, when the final scrutineering took place, a blazing sun beat down on competitors as their cars were checked against the...

Page 16 of September 1956 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, September 1956

Continental notes

For many years now it has been a popular misconception that the top Grand Prix drivers handle their cars in impeccable fashion, always placing the wheels to within fractions of inches of the edge of the road, or skimming their hub caps past walls so close that it is difficult to see daylight between them. When a top Grand Prix driver is going fast yet in his own time, then this is fairly true and...



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