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Page 114 of October 2007 archive issue thumbnail Page 114, October 2007

Lancia Aurelia

Far more than just an elegant tourer, the B20 GT defines an era when the Italian marque was known for groundbreaking engineering and superior build quality By Richard Heseltine / Photography by Howard Simmons Time was when Lancia had its own unique style and disdained convention. Its cars were often inordinately beautiful or, at the very least, resonantly elegant in their thinking. None more so...

Page 52 of January 1962 archive issue thumbnail Page 52, January 1962


A HISTORY OF THE WORLD'S SPORTS CARS by Richard Hough With introduction by W. 0. Bentley and S. C. H. Davis This is the most informative and comprehensive reference book on the sports cars of the world ever produced. The contents include a full historical account of the development of the sports car, from the early European high-performance cars such as the 60-h.p. Mercedes, the Napier, Alfonso...

Page 29 of April 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 29, April 1972

Continental Notes

Le Mans Already the practice weekend has taken place at Le Mans and this year's race looks as though it might be worth watching for a short while. The CSI in their wisdom brought about the limit of 3-litres on the engines of prototypes that used to be in Group 6 and lumped together so-called production racing-sports cars that had to be made in a series of 25 and the one-off prototypes, all now...

Page 16 of November 1955 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, November 1955

Sports and High-Performance Cars at Earls Court

The Agent and the Engineer Were walking hand in hand; They wept like anything to see The cars on every stand. "if all but OURS were cleared away."  They said, "it WOULD be grand.'' * A.C.   Stand No. 130 The A.C. exhibits will comprise the Ace and Aceca models, the A.C. saloon not being on the stand. These cars have the Tojeiro-like chassis of tubular-ladder type, providing all-round independent...

Page 33 of June 1963 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, June 1963

The things they say

The advertisement claiming that the Safari Rally has proved Ford to be the car that wins and lasts brought the comment, in the B.B.C.'s "That Was The Week That Was" programme; that 1 in 18 Fords last, for out of 18 entered for the rally, only one finished. There is some foundation for this quip. We find, as a matter of interest, that Peugeot entered 14, finished 3, one the outright winner, Ford...

Page 17 of December 1955 archive issue thumbnail Page 17, December 1955

Porsche Motoring

Some Reflections After 30,000 Miles With a "Damen" Before becoming too deeply involved in the question of driving a Porsche it might be as well to pay a quick visit to the factory and find out something about the cars. Situated on the north-west edge of Stuttgart, a mere three minutes from an autobahn, this small factory is entirely new, the old one having been damaged and requisitioned by...

Page 78 of March 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 78, March 1977

Lauding Lancia

Sir, As the accolades for the Alfa Romeo Alfetta have increased with experience (Motor Sport, January 1977) it has become more irritating that no mention has been made of two successful cars which appeared between the Grand Prix Alfetta 159 and the modem Alfetta saloon: the Lancia Aurelia and Flaminia Both these models were celebrated for many of the same reasons which you express in your review...

Page 43 of October 1964 archive issue thumbnail Page 43, October 1964

New Grand Prix Cars at Monza

Practice for the Italian G.P. at Monza saw the first appearance of three new cars, the completely revised A.T.S., the Ferrari with flat-12-cylinder engine and the B.R.M. with the latest V8 engine from Bourne. At the end of last year the A.T.S. concern, who set out to beat Ferrari at building Grand Prix cars and Gran Turismo cars, got into financial difficulties and some of the backers got out...

Page 78 of March 2006 archive issue thumbnail Page 78, March 2006

Sibling rivalry

OSCA was formed by the Maserati brothers to fight the company they gave their name to. Richard Heseltine tells the tale, and drives one The red sticker on the tacho is the telltale. Don't take it above 5500rpm. It's only just been rebuilt and we don't want it going pop now, do we? Be conservative. About 4500 ought to do it. Which is a pity as you need to rev this OSCA, not only because it...

Page 21 of June 1957 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, June 1957

XXIV Mille Miglia

Ferrari Sweep the Board Once Again Brescia, Italy, May 12th. As with many big motor races, the 1957 Mille Miglia resolved into a straight fight between the Scuderia Ferrari and the Scuderia Maserati. This being a sports-car race both teams brought out their big guns and there was every prospect of a real dice over the 1,597 kilometres of Italian roads that constitutes the single lap of the Mille...



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