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Page 38 of May 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 38, May 1975

RALLY REVIEW The Safari Rally

RALLY REVIEW The Safari Rally PREDICTIONS occasionally have some merit when they purport to foretell the results of sprint rallies, as events with many short, high-speed special stages are often called, for the form-book can occasionally apply to an event of a well-known type and character in which drivers and cars of well-known calibre and performance are taking part. But in the case of long...

Page 54 of June 1990 archive issue thumbnail Page 54, June 1990

Reflections on the Safari Rally

Have you ever tried to categorise something which defies categorisation? Do you sometimes ponder whether the "miscellaneous" file is appropriate for that exceptional document, or whether that irregular-size bolt should go in the same tray as those of another size or be given a special tray all on its own? The neatness of orderly classification, where everything has an explicitly defined...

Page 61 of January 2005 archive issue thumbnail Page 61, January 2005

Years of the Dragon

A strange brew of fiery Latin passion and Brit cool made Sandro Munari, iI Drago, a potent force in 1970s rallying, writes John Davenport. Curious thing, the trick question. Name a rally which has been a part of the world championship for 30 years but which eight of our 16 world champions have never won. Give up? Well, the answer is Monte Carlo. It's an event that bestows its favours generously...

Page 18 of November 1942 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, November 1942

Club news

We hear…. Lord Avebury, of Jowett Cars, Ltd., is now the owner of the 1924 2-litre ex-Conan Doyle V12 Delage, which was given independent front suspension by L.M. Ballamy some years ago, as described in Motor Sport at the time. Grosscurth hopes to continue collecting interesting and fast cars, but at present uses a Swift Ten. J.V. Bowles, "Ulster" Austin Seven owner, has resorted to a 175-c.c. S....

Page 64 of September 1990 archive issue thumbnail Page 64, September 1990

An English Prescott Sunday

The late EKH Karslake expressed the opinion that the older racing cars were at their best when their engines had warmed up but before they had become too hot. That being the case, it was just as well that the globe in the area of Cheltenham decided to warm up less on August 5, when the VSCC made its annual onslaught of Prescott hill, than it had all the preceding week. Nevertheless, more engines...

Page 127 of December 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 127, December 2012

Around the houses

Around the houses NEWS FROM THE MAIN AUCTION HOUSES AROUND THE WORLD ARTCURIAL — There are plenty of 'interesting' fakes out there, but Artcurial is offering the chance to own an original 1976 Group 4 Lancia Stratos for £280320,000 in its November 11 sale. This car was originally supplied by Lancia in azure blue and raced in Italy during 1978 and 1979. It made its way to France at the end of the...

Page 21 of June 1957 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, June 1957

XXIV Mille Miglia

Ferrari Sweep the Board Once Again Brescia, Italy, May 12th. As with many big motor races, the 1957 Mille Miglia resolved into a straight fight between the Scuderia Ferrari and the Scuderia Maserati. This being a sports-car race both teams brought out their big guns and there was every prospect of a real dice over the 1,597 kilometres of Italian roads that constitutes the single lap of the Mille...

Page 2 of September 1943 archive issue thumbnail Page 2, September 1943

A design for a 1 1/2-litre post war sports car

During a long motor-less period – I have not touched a steering wheel for some 15 months – I have been thinking a little about the sort of car that I should like to own when the present nonsense is over. I find that my ideas correspond roughly with those expressed in the late Ft.-Lt. Scafe's letter published in Motor Sport in June, 1942, in which he indicates that the solution is along the lines...

Page 114 of July 2007 archive issue thumbnail Page 114, July 2007

Alpine A110

France’s finest earned its formidable reputation in top-level rallying thanks to light weight and nimble handling. Just don’t call it a Renault  So it’s true: your life really does flash before your eyes. Approaching what appears to be an especially tight left-hander – and still gaining speed – the blaring cacophony behind is matched for volume only by a random expletive from the ‘ballast’: sorry...

Page 4 of May 1942 archive issue thumbnail Page 4, May 1942

Design for living

[In this rather unusual article, which we have had to pare down considerably on account of space limitations, Graham C. Dix writes, as an ordinary, observant motorist, on his hopes and aims for the future. In fact, a "Design for Living," by someone whose life is very closely bound up with motoring. Whether or not readers agree with the views expressed, they will sympathise with the author's plea...



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Ultimate Porsche: The Most Ruthless Racer Ever Built



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