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Page 25 of February 1955 archive issue thumbnail Page 25, February 1955

The trend of racing-car design

It is probably true to say that the past year has seen more pure design in motor-racing taking place than ever before, and if one counts sports-car racing in with Grand Prix racing, then this is certainly so. With Grand Prix racing being run under a new F.I.A. Formula, planned without recourse to available material, for the first time since 1938, the designers of racing cars have had a completely...

Page 138 of September 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 138, September 2012

In Caracciola's footsteps

An irresistible opportunity to take a pedigree Mercedes to the Goodwood hill’s summit Late on Sunday afternoon at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, I was offered a drive in one of the Mercedes-Benz Museum’s 60-year-old W194 300SL coupés. Of course, I rudely rejected any such proposal (this bit isn’t true). Having driven one of their two magnificent, muscle-bound (and utterly deafening) 300SLR...

Page 28 of June 1950 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, June 1950

Alfas In The Van!

ALFAS IN THE VAN!--Two shots taken in close succession, of the field starting in the G.P. de l'Europe. SECOND HOME was Luigi Fagioli, ex-Mercedes-Benz driver, whose Alfa-Romeo averaged 90.92 m.p.h. and crossed the finishing line 0.4 sec. after Farina's. He is here seen driving very fast into the Hangar straight. THIRD TO FINISH was our own Reg. Parnell, fourth man of the Alfa-Romeo team who...

Page 3 of May 1942 archive issue thumbnail Page 3, May 1942

Power plants for flying machines

Some very early history [So many of us have to do with flying these days that some early history will not come amiss, and Cecil Clutton, in the article that follows, certainly writes as a true historian. – Ed.]  "And flying machines are possible, so that a man may sit in the middle, turning some device by which artificial wings may beat the air." – Roger Bacon, 1214-1292.) Roger Bacon may perhaps...

Page 7 of January 1963 archive issue thumbnail Page 7, January 1963

Matters of moment

Last month we commented on the disbelief expressed by the German motor journalist von Frankenberg as to the size of the Ford engines Lotus had used in their highly successful Formula Junior cars. Frankenberg was lucky in picking on Colin Chapman with such unkind criticism, because instead of resorting to litigation, Chapman challenged his critic to a £1,000 return run. This has entirely...

Page 13 of July 1956 archive issue thumbnail Page 13, July 1956

Grand Prix De Belgique

Spa, June 3rd. The permanent road circuit that lies within the triangle formed by the three villages Francorchamps, Malmedy and Stavelot, in the Spa region of the Ardennes, is one of the finest in Europe, and each year the Royal Automobile Club of Belgium organise their Grand Prix on this circuit. With its extremely high lap speeds, fast uphill and downhill corners, long sweeping curves, and its...

Page 8 of July 1950 archive issue thumbnail Page 8, July 1950

Grosser Preis der Schweiz

By our Special Correspondent On paper, and for that matter in practice, the Swiss G.P. for Formula 1 cars, held on the Bremgarten Circuit on June 4th, promised to be a first-class affair, but it turned out to be another demonstration of how to go motor-racing in the grand manner, by the Alfa-Romeo team. After the finish of the three practice periods it looked as though Alfa-Romeos, although...

Page 23 of May 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 23, May 1972

Matters of Moment

Independent, or not? The heading applies, not to whether or not Britain should become a member of the EEC but to how long it will be before the live back axle, too lively on many cars, will become as much a museum-piece as the sprag and the low-tension (or for that matter high-tension) Magneto. Some years ago Motor Sport was a strong advocate of cars without propeller shafts and campaigned...

Page 44 of January 1964 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, January 1964

German cars

Sir, You have entered into my serious notice some years ago as a gallant Champion of the truth, no matter if the people like it or not. Don't worry since the days of Pilatus the question "what, is truth" remains still to be solved…. When I saw the cartoon in the last November issue "the editor looking at the world with one VW and one Mercedes eye," I felt that I should do a little towards...

Page 20 of December 1942 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, December 1942

Letters from readers

Sir, Intrigued by the glowing (???) press notice on page 186 for September, 1942, I deliberately went out of my way to see the epic "Blonde Comet." I have a few criticisms to make on the aforesaid press notice. E.S.T. says "It is very short." The version I saw took over one hour. E.S.T. correctly describes the film as starting with "newspaper headlines," but omits to mention some quite good shots...



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