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Page 64 of June 1967 archive issue thumbnail Page 64, June 1967

Miniatures news

Two more-than-normally interesting Lesney "Matchbox" miniatures are No. 24, a 3-in.-long Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow to 67:1 scale, priced at 2s., and No. Y-4, a "Models of Yesteryear" 1909 Opel two-seater to a scale of 38:1, selling here for 5s. New "Matchbox" commercials include a G.M.C. refrigerator truck, scale 86:1, No. 44, price 2s., and a 10-wheel Scammell tipper, scale 69:1, No. K-19, this...

Page 17 of November 1942 archive issue thumbnail Page 17, November 1942

Musing on mud

Musing on Mud – it might well be the name of a village on some desolate stretch of coast, but in reality it is just a little weakness in which I regularly indulge at this time of the year. To the enthusiastic trials supporter the autumn is indisputably the time of year, and when the beech trees begin to spread their yellowing leaves upon the muddy ground our thoughts go irresistibly out to those...

Page 3 of December 1942 archive issue thumbnail Page 3, December 1942

Racing cars at rest

Messrs. Thomson & Taylor, of Brooklands Track – familiarly known as T. & T.'s – were ever the premier motor-racing concern, and some while ago it occurred to us to enquire what had become, these unhappy days, of all the fast machinery they once cared for. The outcome of this enquiry was a visit which these times is quite unique. In short, we were invited to inspect some extremely famous...

Page 7 of August 1942 archive issue thumbnail Page 7, August 1942

On planning for the peace – II

In last month's issue we discussed the possibilities of an early resumption of competition events after the war had been brought to a successful conclusion. We also touched upon the question of economy in motoring. Below, this latter point is further elaborated and the position of the impecunious amateur considered, more particularly in connection with motor racing and the unfair competition he...

Page 20 of March 1938 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, March 1938

Club news

etal/laced U.H. & U.L.M.C. The annual Cotswold Trial, which has earned a high place as one of the better trials embracing sensible hills and attracting a varied entry, was run off on February 6th. There were thirty-one entries, including A. F. Seroggs (touring Trojan), I. K. Nixon (Austin Seven), J. H. Plevy (Gwymie), G. N. Mansell and C. A. N. May (M.G.$), N. V. Terry (Frazer-NashB.M.W.), J...

Page 26 of September 1955 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, September 1955

Racing and the Catalogue Car

The Editor Looks at the Gap Between the Cars Manufacturers Race and the Cars they Sell I refuse to write another word about the Le Mans accident, which some people attribute partially to the immensely high speed of modern sports/racing cars, but which was really a freak happening which, if any known factor was involved, was the result of cars of widely-differing speeds occupying the same circuit...

Page 36 of July 1950 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, July 1950

An Australian Opinion On The "TD" M.G.

Sir, The announcement of the "TD" series M.G. breaks one of the last links between the Golden Era of the British sporting car, i.e., 1923 to 1938, and the present. Why the Nuffield Organisation sees fit to change the only type of wheel for a sports car, the Rudge wire centre-lock, for a chrome-plated soup plate is beyond me! Wherever one looks, however, the story is the same. When big combines...

Page 2 of August 1942 archive issue thumbnail Page 2, August 1942

Private view

Among the various roads which lead out of London is one notable for few things other than its remarkable narrowness. And of the various factories which line part of this road, a certain electric cable works to which I invited myself on a recent Sunday looks singularly innocent of motoring interest. Going in at the front door everything looks quite in keeping (unless you happen to notice that the...

Page 18 of November 1942 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, November 1942

Club news

We hear…. Lord Avebury, of Jowett Cars, Ltd., is now the owner of the 1924 2-litre ex-Conan Doyle V12 Delage, which was given independent front suspension by L.M. Ballamy some years ago, as described in Motor Sport at the time. Grosscurth hopes to continue collecting interesting and fast cars, but at present uses a Swift Ten. J.V. Bowles, "Ulster" Austin Seven owner, has resorted to a 175-c.c. S....

Page 48 of June 1967 archive issue thumbnail Page 48, June 1967

The 1,000 kilometres of Monza

Fast and furious Monza, Italy, April 25th. This year the 1,000-kilometre race, run on the combined road and banked track circuit at Monza, took place in glorious weather, unlike last year when it rained all day. It looked as though it was going to be a simple question of the Ferrari team drivers tossing a coin to see who was going to win, as the Ford team did not enter, but at the last moment...



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