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Page 64 of June 1992 archive issue thumbnail Page 64, June 1992

'Mother Gun' hits target

Back in 1924, at Brooklands, JG Parry Thomas — whose living depended largely upon such exploits — joined jockey-cum-racer George Duller and inventor Lionel Rapson to break the world's long-distance records up to 15 hours at the helm of Rapson's 6178 cc Lanchester. Their speed after 12 hours bettered that of previous, longer records. A lap speed in excess of 100 mph was maintained, but there were...

Page 72 of November 1974 archive issue thumbnail Page 72, November 1974

The Extravaganza Morgan

Sir, Since the publication in last month's Motor Sport of my letter commenting on the Castrol Extravaganza it has been drawn to my attention that the Morgan on show was in fact the ex-Ronnie Horton R. R. Jackson car in its 1931 form. This car of course regularly competed at Brooklands and I would not like it inferred from my previous letter that it was anything but a genuine exhibit. The show...

Page 11 of February 1951 archive issue thumbnail Page 11, February 1951

The R.A.C. Rally

.•••••••■•••• The R.A.C. Rally in June is expected to attract a big foreign entry and the route will embrace Scotland and Wales as well as England with a Scottish tinted-climb and tests at Silverstone. * * * The Morgan Three-Wheeler Club's new Secretary is F. L. Willis, 6, Courtland Avenue, Chingford, E.4. A speed trial is to be held in April at Gloucester Drive, Madreslield Court, with the kind...

Page 36 of January 1950 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, January 1950

Chain Chatter

by "Carrozzino" While attending the recent meeting between representatives of various motor clubs with the members of the Competitions Committee of the R.A.C., I could not help being impressed by one fact in particular. This was, that many of the problems raised by the delegates could have been cleared up if only the motor clubs were organised a little better than they are now. Numerous questions...

Page 65 of October 1992 archive issue thumbnail Page 65, October 1992

A Night On Three Wheels

Water-splashes are a rarity these days and cars seldom get immersed unless on flooded roads or in carwashes. I was reminded of this by a picture of a 1934 MX4 Morgan getting a good ducking in a water-splash, on the cover of the Morgan Three-Wheeler Club's Bulletin, but the photograph was taken in 1978, during the club's night trial. This event took place in much the same format this year and...

Page 19 of August 1951 archive issue thumbnail Page 19, August 1951

1951 French Grand Prix race report: Fangio/Fagioli take joint win in dramatic race

Shared Alfa Romeo of Fangio and Fagioli wins eventful French Grand Prix IF you have never seep a Continental motor race, a Formula I Grand Prix in France, Italy, Belgium, hasten to do so. There is nothing else quite like it outside Europe. Consider this year's GP d'Europe for instance. Photo: Motorsport Images The 4.86 mile Circuit Mintier Permanent de Reints-Gueux has concrete stands and pits...

Page 97 of May 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 97, May 1999


The latest category recognised by the VSCC is for 'Aero Cars', which means those with aero-engines in early chassis. But the term also implies a hybrid that was both car and aeroplane. There were a number built, one with a Ford V8, but the attempt to make a road and flying car ended in disaster... A Japanese enthusiast is hoping to make a replica of the racing A7 'Mrs Jo Jo' which was so...

Page 52 of January 1988 archive issue thumbnail Page 52, January 1988


We are much saddened to have to report the death, following a heart attack, of George Liston Young, who won pre-war motor cycling trophies before founding the Fiat Register in the mid-1950s. Many people will long remember the kilted Scotsman and his Coppa d'Oro Balilla Fiat. We also deeply regret to learn of the death of WJ Oldham, who as at one time a great supporter of the larger Austin cars,...

Page 22 of January 1949 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, January 1949

Club News

We Hear In Somerset an N.P. chassis, with Meadows engine, has come to light. On a derelict Beardmore taxi-chassis we discerned some 815 by 120 tyres, if anyone's veteran is on its rims. F/O Peter Coleby, D.F.C., weighs in with some remarks in defence of the S. F. Edge A.C.s, having owned a 1924 two-seater Anzani-engined model, which his wife drove nearly every day of the week. He refers to it as...

Page 38 of July 1964 archive issue thumbnail Page 38, July 1964

Vintage Postbag

The V.S.C.C. and 3-wheelers Sir, I was interested to read Mr. Boddy's article in the June issue on the classification of vintage cars and motor-cycles, but I am surprised that the splendid photograph of the rude end of an Aero Morgan two pages later did not prompt him to comment on the annoying position regarding the present classification of vintage three-wheelers. There has been controversy...



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