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Page 22 of August 1950 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, August 1950

Club News

Club News LuciL) WE HEAR TIke lIudson-engined P:tgora two-seater which we illustrated in Merrou Sewer before the war and referred to again not long ago resides in garage near booth IsIroligli, along with a smart Vale-Special. It is really rather remarkable how old ears continue to be unearthed, and promising too. for it seems as if tin supply will never dry-up. For example, a Woodrow two-seater...

Page 22 of May 1947 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, May 1947

Club News

We Hear R. W. Pollack knows of ten keen Frazer-Nash owners in the Birmingham area. His own Black burn-engined "Shelsley" Frazer-Nash is being fitted with a Clyde supercharger by Chris. Shorrock. Leslie Seyd has very thoroughly rebuilt the ex-Shakespeare 1913 "12/14" Mors and also has the 1912 14-h.p. Gregoire. L. W. Thomas is building a 2-seater "special", using 3 in. by 16-g. tubular chassis...

Page 40 of July 1960 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, July 1960

XVIIIth Grand Prix of Monaco

Moss is Supreme Monte Carlo, May 29th. Being the first major Grand Prix of the European season, everyone was out in full force and the entry list was one of the most interesting seen for some time. The B.R.M. team had three of their 1960 rear-engined cars, with Bonnier, Gurney and Graham Hill as drivers; Cooper had their two 1960 ears in the hands of Brabham and McLaren, these new cars looking...

Page 40 of December 1970 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, December 1970

Sharp eyes

Sir, I must say that I was very pleased indeed to see a photograph of Mike Cooke's Triumph Light 15 in October's Motor Sport. This car is in excellent condition and motors very well indeed. I would like to point out, however, that it is not a 1925 model but a 1928: 1925 Triumphs had a single contracting brake band whereas Mike Cooke's car has twin contracting shoes. TOM COOK, Hon. Sec. Pre-1940...

Page 18 of April 1938 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, April 1938


THE VINTAGE SPORTS-CAR CLUB Sir, The Vintage Sports Car Club appreciate the references which you make to the Club in your magazine, but in your January issue you publish, on page 17, information which is not absolutely correct. I refer particularly to the statement that "affiliation to the Vintage Sports Car Club proper costs 1/-." The true facts are these: Anyone joining the Vintage Sports Car...

Page 23 of May 1938 archive issue thumbnail Page 23, May 1938


THE EASTER B.A.R.C. MEETING GREAT DUEL BETWEEN DOBSON AND "BIRA." OLIVER BERTRAM WINS AN OUTER-CIRCUIT RACE AT 117.26 M.P.H. BABY FIATS EN MASSE. H. T. H. CLAYTON HAS A CLOSE CALL. BROOKLANDS, Easter Monday, 1938, will be remembered by Tucker Clayton and A. P. Hamilton as long as they live. Clayton, driving Plerning's narrow single-seater M.G. Midget, was struck in the tail by Hamilton's 2-seater...

Page 46 of November 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 46, November 1981

Rally review - The Sanremo Rally

Most lady drivers are content to compete for trophies only against others of their own sex and we would not be doing them any injustice by saying that against men they have very little chance of scoring top places in a general classification. There have been exceptions, of course. Jennifer Birrell, then Jennifer Nadin, used to win rallies in Britain even against the tough opposition of the...

Page 29 of April 1928 archive issue thumbnail Page 29, April 1928

North London Motor Club.

North London Motor Club. Arrangements are proceeding for Grass Track Races and the Club have secured an excellent field for this purpose, together with ample parking and paddock accommodation. Subject to approval the first races will be held on April 28th, and further details will appear in these columns at a later date. In the meantime, information will be gladly given if application be made to...

Page 48 of September 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 48, September 1972

The 34th German Grand Prix

Return to Sanity With the 1972 season passing its midway point Grand Prix races are happening with great rapidity, being held every alternate weekend, so that there is little time for the teams to do other than repair the ravages of the previous race before the next one is due. A very full entry arrived in the Nurburgring paddock for the German Grand Prix and they were all on time and ready to go...

Page 74 of April 1978 archive issue thumbnail Page 74, April 1978

The Triumph Southern Cross

Sir, In the February issue of Motor Sport, under the heading of "Vintage Postbag", there is a letter from Mr. S. Basham, in which he denigrates the Triumph Southern Cross. Now I would be the first to agree that they were in the class of more sedate sports cars, but they did not lack "guts". I bought mine in 1946, and kept it for a couple of years, during which time it gave me excellent service. I...



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