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Page 5 of February 1950 archive issue thumbnail Page 5, February 1950

Reports of Recent Events

North London E.C.C. Christmas Trial Held on December 18th, the results were not to hand in time for the last issue:—   Best Performance of the Day.—D. D. Render (Allard), 50.1 marks lost. First-Class Awards.—A. W. Richards (Austin), 64.8 marks lost; C. J. Abbott (Austin), 69.9 marks lost. Highest Placed Saloon Car.—Mrs. J. W. Evans (Austin), 95.9 marks lost.   Sheffield & Hallamshire M.C....

Page 58 of March 1992 archive issue thumbnail Page 58, March 1992


The 1927 Grand Prix Salmson which the late Vic Derrington raced at Brooklands in the 1920s and which he owned into the 1970s before selling it (chassis GP602), went to Sweden where, since 1977 it has been run by Kent Olsson when not on display in the Rydaholm Museum in South Sweden. It is reputed to have been bought at a London Motor Show where it should have remained on display, perhaps as at...

Page 13 of March 1957 archive issue thumbnail Page 13, March 1957

Taking Stock

The Editor Considers the Position of Britain's Sports Cars In the past sports cars from British factories have paid dividends to manufacturers—and their shareholders. With a tough struggle ahead of us for export sales it is opportune to take stock of our 1957 models. For the purpose of defining a sports car I am going to discard the classic dictum that it is any car through which it is possible...

Page 32 of March 1968 archive issue thumbnail Page 32, March 1968

The Daily Express London-Sydney Marathon

Last Winter rumours began to circulate about the most ambitious British race of all time, scheduled to go from London to Sydney in Australia. We even know of a Land Rover into which someone is inserting a 320 b.h.p. V8 Chevrolet engine, which might be a potential winner; although it would have to forgo four-wheel drive. What this is all about is now revealed as the Daily Express London-Sydney...

Page 45 of August 1954 archive issue thumbnail Page 45, August 1954

Club News

Lagonda Club In its excellent, printed quarterly magazine, The Lagonda, we read: "I have found readers of that specialised periodical [ourselves!] know much about Lagondas, and even own them, but nothing of the club." So we hasten to remark that this club derives from two former separate organisations, the 2-litre Lagonda Register and the Lagonda C.C. It caters for owners of Lagondas of all types...

Page 31 of January 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 31, January 1975

Veteran Edwardian Vintage

Veteran Edwardian Vintage A SECTION DEVOTED TO OLD-CAR MATTERS CARE OF TYRES A New Book about Dunlop OBSOLETE SIZES of tyres, without which veteran and vintage cars could not be run, unless they were equipped with rebuilt wheels to take modern covers which would make them look absurd, are fortunately still available from the Dunlop Company through their distributors, Vintage Tyre Supplies Limited...

Page 37 of May 1982 archive issue thumbnail Page 37, May 1982

Mercedes Coupés

Two new coupés have joined the range of Mercedes-Benz cars available in this country; they are the 380 SEC and 500 SEC, costing £25,700 and £28,700 respectively. The two newcomers are based on the new "S" Class cars and have the benefit of the "Energy Concept" features which have been introduced across the "S" range. These features, aimed at providing better fuel economy without any loss of...

Page 29 of February 1964 archive issue thumbnail Page 29, February 1964

A Useful Convertible - The Viking Hornet Sport

The British Motor Corporation have rung the changes on their Mini range in nearly every way imaginable; with saloon versions available under both the Austin and Morris badge in normal, de luxe, super, Cooper, Cooper S, Countryman, Traveller, van and pick-up form, with Wolseley Hornet and Riley Elf versions thrown in for good measure, and they have even put another engine in the back. The...

Page 23 of February 1936 archive issue thumbnail Page 23, February 1936

Club News

eta4 /lewd ??•••111111111111119r GREAT WEST M.C. The Great West Motor Club opened the 1936 season with its Hayward Trophy Trial on January 12. A seven-mile course was tackled twice, the start being from The Cricketerrs Arms, Bagshot. Bagshot Common caused much bother. F. A. Thatcher (M.G. Magnette) and W. L. Jackson (Frazer-Nash) were outstanding on the first section, and again on the second...

Page 29 of November 1982 archive issue thumbnail Page 29, November 1982

matters of moment

MATTERS OF MOMENT 1111 SHOWTIME SOLILOQUY Although less so than in Olympian and Earls Court times, the British Motor Show, which concluded recently in Birmingham, marks the near-close of another momentous motoring year. It has been a year that will long be remembered in general terms as well as in a motoring context. Nineteen-eighty-two saw the successful conclusion of a bloody war to regain...



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