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Page 19 of November 1959 archive issue thumbnail Page 19, November 1959

Some October Sprints

Weston-Super-Mare Speed Trials (October 10th) Uunfortunately the last day of a remarkably dry summer ended the day before the Burnham-on-Sea M.C.'s speed trials along the Marine Parade. This enjoyable event, cars running in pairs along a rather bumpy curving half-mile in sight of the sands, was last held ten years ago; we hope they will be held every year in future during Weston's holiday season...

Page 22 of June 1971 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, June 1971

Miniatures news

Lesney's recent "MATCHBOX" miniatures include a 48-to-1 scale 4 1/2-in.-long fluorescent-yellow Dodge dragster, priced at 40p, a Daf platform truck laden with builders' materials, to a scale of 66-to-1, making it 5 9/16 in. in length, which sells for 55p, and a Seabird boat in plastic, on a die-cast trailer, a 6-in.-long outfit, scale 44 to 1, priced at 35p. The respective Ref. Nos. are Speed...

Page 64 of December 1987 archive issue thumbnail Page 64, December 1987

Chevell Alvis

I was so pleased to read that Dr Pinkerton corrected the error over the Chevell Alvis (KLR 573). It was first advertised with photo in a half-page advert in MOTOR SPORT in early 1954 or 1955. I feel that I know more about the car than any of the owners, apart from Mr Chevell. I have crawled all over and under it at various times. When originally built it had a modified Speed 20 (21/2 litre) Alvis...

Page 66 of February 1994 archive issue thumbnail Page 66, February 1994

Penrite LE JoG

Quite like old times — I went out on the night of December 4 to see the cars in the Penrite Oil Land's End to John o'Groats Reliability Trial, the longest Historic and Classic car event held in Great Britain, as they entered Wales. Organised by John Brown and with Clerk-of-the-Course Peter Rushforth and Stuart Collins masterminding the entire route in a large Volvo estate car, this ambitious...

Page 48 of June 1966 archive issue thumbnail Page 48, June 1966

More Profiles

Profile Publications 2s. The second batch of Profiles has been issued, namely Nos. 5-8, for May. They cover the Lanchester 38 h.p. and 40 h.p., by Anthony Bird, Tim Nicholson on that controversial American car, the Duesenberg J & Sj, George Oliver writing of the 3 and 4 1/2-litre Bentleys and a model presentation of the G.P. Vanwall, with lists of successes, drivers, specifications, analysis...

Page 87 of August 1983 archive issue thumbnail Page 87, August 1983

The Brooklands Reunion

A very warm day helped to ensure the complete success of another Brooklands Society reunion at the old Track on June 26th. That the Brooklands magic has far from evaporated was evident in the big attendance, spectators' cars parked three abreast for the length of the long runway, untimed runs up the old Test Hill and short gallops on the cleared part of the Byfleet banking being sufficient to...

Page 66 of June 1962 archive issue thumbnail Page 66, June 1962


Sir, I see in today's paper an advertisement for the Magnette-ized Farina Finmobile. Among other things we are told it has "the firm grip that makes cornering a straight forward job." Understeer ? I own a real car—Alvis Speed 20. Garvey Kemp. Margate.

Page 97 of July 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 97, July 1996

Great Cars of the 1920s and 1930s

For many years the Vintage sports Car Club's annual April meeting at Silverstone has been characterised by high winds, torrential rain and face-biting temperatures. Those who have been experienced the sheer hell of standing at Woodcote in particular on one of these April days will know only too well what an inhospitable place it is. Yet every year we all return for more, and the crowds that...

Page 66 of November 1988 archive issue thumbnail Page 66, November 1988

Veteran to classic: VSCC Donington

Mayman rules! Donington Park saw the Vintage SportsCar Club's 1988 racing finale on September 17, its vast paddock (ready for Formula One hospitality units and workshops) well able to accommodate the 138 vintage entrants as well as the transporters for Sunday's Saloon-Car Festival. Therein was an array of Hyper Lea-Francis for a parade to commemorate to the day Kaye Don's TT victory, Tom Delaney...

Page 89 of August 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 89, August 1999


We are used to TV camera shots from cars in today's races. But who did it first? Certainly a cameraman with a cine-camera rode with Parry Thomas in the Leyland 8 at Brooklands in a race in September 1923 with a lap at 116.36mph. It was said that the cine-chap was quite relieved not to ride again with Thomas in a later race, when he lapped at 118.58mph. In the VSCC's very full and varied fixture...



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