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Page 61 of October 2003 archive issue thumbnail Page 61, October 2003

Not just deserts

From supersprints to sand dunes, Jean-Louis Schlesser's career is peppered with major titles in a diverse range of disciplines. Yet still his successes can seem forgotten. By John Davenport Famous men are not always remembered for what they might consider important. Our late Lord Chancellor is recalled for his choice of wallpaper rather than his reorganisation of the judiciary, and George...

Page 99 of July 1983 archive issue thumbnail Page 99, July 1983

SU Cut-off

Sir, Your correspondent, Martin Johnson, is correct in his presumption that a fuel cut-off device would not work well were it to operate between the tank and the float chamber on an SU carburetter. However, that used on the Maestro operates immediately before the jet, so that plenty of fuel is always available, when needed. In practice, the SU system incorporates several safeguards against the...

Page 47 of March 1986 archive issue thumbnail Page 47, March 1986

Rally Review - Monte-Carlo Rally

Explorers often endured all manner of hardship and disappointment before the reward of some startling and momentous discovery. Climbers sometimes come very close indeed to giving up an attempt before forcing themselves to carry on. Success frequently demands a great deal of tenacity and determination to overcome initial despair, and this is as true of rallying as it is of any other activity...

Page 21 of April 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, April 2012

Roger Dowson

Team owner Roger Dowson, who has died at the age of 67, had a 25-year involvement in the British Touring Car Championship that encompassed factory programmes with Triumph, Austin Rover and Mazda. Dowson was a partner in Gerry Marshall Racing in the late 1970s before setting up Roger Dowson Engineering in 1982. It built and ran Group A versions of the MG Metro and Metro Turbo. The team developed...

Page 21 of June 1986 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, June 1986


Jaguar ends Porsche success story It took Tom Walkinshaw's Silk Cut Jaguar team just seven races to end four years of Porsche domination in the World Sportscar Championship, and fittingly it was at Silverstone on May 5th that Derek Warwick and Eddie Cheever scored their well-deserved success. The white and mauve car ran perfectly for nearly five hours, at an average of 129.08 mph, to beat Word...

Page 57 of January 1985 archive issue thumbnail Page 57, January 1985

Lombard RAC Rally of Great Britain

Imagine a Wembley cup final taking place after the champions had clinched their position in a semi-final. Such a match, merely to determine runners-up, would be low in spectacle, devoid of significance, and by no means an attractive, sparkling package capable of generating excitement on the customary Wembley scale. Fortunately, the same criteria do not apply to rallying, and even though the World...

Page 30 of April 1987 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, April 1987

Industry insight: Sportscar sales

Sport for all? Tramp around today's motor shows; look in many car dealerships, watch the advertisements. The conclusion can be drawn that motor sports and sportier products are the magic sales ingredient. Mr manufacturer climbs aboard the bandwagon, hoping he has taken a solid step toward selling at profitable prices. But when bandwagons are overloaded they can lurch away from the original...

Page 65 of December 1987 archive issue thumbnail Page 65, December 1987

Tackling the Japanese

Having witnessed in my lifetime the complete domination by the Japanese of industries such as cameras, televisions, radios, and motorcycles, we are on the verge of seeing them repeating the process not only with road cars, but also with Formula One engines. There have, here in the USA, been many discussions regarding "protectionist" measures we might take to preserve what industry we have left...

Page 28 of October 1987 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, October 1987

Autumn Fare

The established and gigantic Frankfurt International Motor show was bursting with sports motoring interest this year. Rather unfairly, in view of the fact that Porsche displayed its Indianapolis challenger and BMW unveiled its two-seater Z1, it was the British who hogged much of the limelight. For it was on the eve of the show at a normally unremarkable annual Ford press reception that the...



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