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Page 55 of October 2013 archive issue thumbnail Page 55, October 2013

100 reasons why we love Aston Martin

There are certain companies that immedately conjure a British way of life. Aston Martin is one of those. Redolent of polished wood, the scent of leather, of pulling up at polo match or cricket pitch, it is a name recognised across the world. This year the company celebrates its centenary something which few of its early figureheads would have predicted. It's been a rocky100 years, an anxious...

Page 60 of June 2009 archive issue thumbnail Page 60, June 2009

“It was just such an easy car to drive fast; the faster you went, the better it felt” Stirling Moss

The Maserati 250F is rightly regarded as one of the greatest Grand Prix cars, so the chance to drive Stirling Moss’s 1956 Monaco GP winner was the fulfilment of a dream By Andrew Frankel Though I lack the empirical evidence to back it up, which may make what follows little more than a hunch in your book, I am confident that if you played a word association game with the readership of this title...

Page 9 of July 2005 archive issue thumbnail Page 9, July 2005

Aston's big push continues with TT victory

Aston Martin completed preparations for its return to the Le Mans 24 Hours in perfect style by scooping the Tourist Trophy at Silverstone on May 15 with the Prodrive-built and run DBR9. Following on from the Aston's debut class-winning triumph in the Sebring 12 Hours, Darren Turner and David Brabham led for much of the three-hour FIA GT encounter at Silverstone after the Australian had set a...

Page 81 of September 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 81, September 2004

The Cobra's new skin

Carroll Shelby's team knew the Cobra could be a winner, barring one problem. Dave Friedman was part of the crew who transformed it; he photographed the build and recalls the result Shelby American's first racing season, 1963, was successful beyond anyone's dreams. For '64, Carroll Shelby wanted to make a serious attempt to win the Manufacturer's World Championship. First there was a serious...

Page 118 of November 2009 archive issue thumbnail Page 118, November 2009

Ford GT40

This Anglo-American beauty was built to humble Ferrari at Le Mans. Which it did – eventually, and in a rather different form By Richard Heseltine Like all well-worn accounts it’s probably only half accurate, but it makes for a good yarn nonetheless. Early in 1966, an agent acting on behalf of Enzo Ferrari approached Henry Ford II with a message. Il Commendatore had maybe, just maybe, been a...

Page 114 of July 2009 archive issue thumbnail Page 114, July 2009

Ford Mustang

Ford’s Mustang, its fastest-selling car since the Model A, still leads the field in historic events around the world By Richard Heseltine The Mustang represented the high watermark of 1960s marketing brilliance. In hindsight it all seems so simple. All that Ford did was raid the corporate parts bin. That and throw in some smoke and mirrors along with a suitably suggestive equine name. With great...

Page 42 of October 2002 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, October 2002

Out for the count

The one that got away Phil Hill: 1959 Le Mans 24 Hours He had won the year before and was leading comfortably again. Easy money! But he would be broke before the day was out. By Adam Cooper For Phil Hill there is absolutely no doubt about the win that got away from him: Le Mans, 1959, when victory slipped from his grasp with a little over four hours remaining. "It was the one race in my career...

Page 23 of November 2000 archive issue thumbnail Page 23, November 2000

Thorough bread winners

Alain Cadenet spent the last few years travelling the world and driving as many Ferrari Sports-racers as he could. At the end, he was left with only one possible conclusion: That these, not F1, were the cars that created the legend. Formula One is the sport's ultimate showcase. And Ferrari has been its 50year constant, its pivot, its most famous team and, by association, the most famous marque in...

Page 14 of August 2000 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, August 2000

Masten memories

Sir, I deeply resent Mike Lawrence's remarks in your June issue concerning Masten Gregory, typically recounting the same anecdotes, not being too specific. Can he substantiate his allegations? The pejorative expression "habitual drug user" is a serious one which unfortunately can no longer instigate an accusation of calumny. If he's specifying that particular 1958 race at Silverstone, did he talk...

Page 12 of November 1962 archive issue thumbnail Page 12, November 1962

Where are we?

The Editor's Annual Discourse on Topical Aspects of the Motoring Scene Do many motorists, in these days of powerful 4-cylinder cars, ever regret their earlier mounts ? Personally, I still remember, with affection, a light, single-cylinder car, which served me well: a small Renault, fitted with a 9-h.p. de Dion engine. Reliability and small upkeep-cost were its features. With a little care, outer...



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