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Page 25 of May 1949 archive issue thumbnail Page 25, May 1949

Highly Successful Brooklands-Type Racing at Goodwood

Reg. Parnell's 4 CLT/48 Maserati Wins Three Races, including the Richmond Trophy, and Sets the Lap Record to 87.1 m.p.h. Folland's Ferrari and Kennington's Cisitalia Successful on their First Appearance. Stirling Moss has Easy Victory in his V-twin Cooper. Whitehead's Great Drive. The B.A.R.C. Meeting at Goodwood in the ideal weather that prevailed on Easter Monday was motor-racing at its best....

Page 97 of July 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 97, July 1996

Great Cars of the 1920s and 1930s

For many years the Vintage sports Car Club's annual April meeting at Silverstone has been characterised by high winds, torrential rain and face-biting temperatures. Those who have been experienced the sheer hell of standing at Woodcote in particular on one of these April days will know only too well what an inhospitable place it is. Yet every year we all return for more, and the crowds that...

Page 14 of July 2000 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, July 2000

Discs on the side

Sir, I write in respect to the Technofile article in the May's MOTOR SPORT. Freddie Dixon and Walter Perry won the 1923 Isle of Man Side-Car TT race with a Douglas sidecar outfit equipped with disc brakes. This predates the Jaguar C-type's win at Le Mans by some 30 years. I AM, YOURS, ETC G Lloyd-Jones, Ramsey, Isle of Man

Page 59 of February 1987 archive issue thumbnail Page 59, February 1987

The Mechanics

Sir, It is not what Freddie Dixon's mechanic may have said when the Riley flew over the hedge at Quarry Corner in the 1932 TT, but what he actually did, namely switch off the ignition while the car was still airborne! IAN WYLIE Belfast Yes, yet another instance in which the mechanic helped the driver — and himself, too, in this case! WB

Page 65 of February 1997 archive issue thumbnail Page 65, February 1997

Jack Field

Jack Field, whom I interviewed in MOTOR SPORT in 1990, was well known for winning some 100 trophies in sand racing at Southport with his 1924 Darraqc "Hell's Angel" and his single-seater 1925 Talbot "Golden Barrow". He won his first Brooklands race in the Darraqc in 1930, before buying Sir Malcolm Campbell's 2.3-litre Bugatti, with which he collected another 44 Southport trophies. With a Type 43...

Page 12 of June 1935 archive issue thumbnail Page 12, June 1935


Power-Weight NOT many years ago one of the principal differences between driving a racing car and a tourer was the amount of gear-changing which had to be done on the former to obtain the best performance: Nowadays with 14 cwt. racing cars fitted with engines developing 250 h.p. and more, the lowest ratio of a four-speed gear-box is scarcely ever used, and at Monaco this year many of the drivers...

Page 34 of April 1951 archive issue thumbnail Page 34, April 1951


with high-conductivity fins in pure -alumium bonded onto the outer circumference. Weight saving is not the primary object, but, Wellworthy claim, reductions of up to 25 per cent. ean sometiines be achieved, depending on the design. They claim that Stage I drums increase resistance to fade, reduce friction surface temperature by approximately 100 degrees F., and obviate heat-spotting under severe...

Page 23 of December 1937 archive issue thumbnail Page 23, December 1937


TUNING THE RILEY SOME NOTES BY A. F. ASHBY (In on interview) A. F. ASHBY A. F. Ashby commenced racing at Brooklands after the War with a s.v. 11-litre Riley, subsequently developed into a single-seater, which lapped at 103 m.p.h. With this car he won the 1927 Whitsun 75 m.p.h. Short Handicap at 76.41 m.p.h., the 3-lap Evening Open Handicap of 1928 at 81.11 m.p.h., and the second Evening 3-lap...

Page 37 of October 1937 archive issue thumbnail Page 37, October 1937

THE B.R.D.C. "500"

THE B.R.D.C. " 500 " JOHN COBB (NAPIER RAILTON) WINS DEVASTATING RACE AT 127.05 m.p.h. RILEYS SECOND AND THIRD, FIFTH AND NINTH. MANY RETIREMENTS Tug curtailed " 500 " of the R.R.D.C. was a great success. Although people in this country rather scorn outer-circuit races, the crowd behind the pits was dense the whole afternoon, and there was a goodly cluster of spectators on the Hill. At least four...

Page 47 of December 1974 archive issue thumbnail Page 47, December 1974

The Cars of the Duke of Richmond and Gordon

His Grace, the Duke of Richmond and Gordon, has played a notable part in many aspects of the sporting motoring and aviation scene. His early enthusiasm for fast cars led him to Bentley Motors Ltd. in the time of the great W. O. Bentley. He won important motor-races at Brooklands, entered the Motor Trade in which capacity his company, Kevill-Davies and March Ltd., built some interesting special-...



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