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Page 39 of January 1958 archive issue thumbnail Page 39, January 1958

Letters from Readers

A Novel 38-Seater Regarding spotting Volkswagens as "maids of all work," I feel I must bring to your notice yet another use to which this versatile vehicle has been adapted. Whilst holidaying on the Fresian Island of Nordeney last summer, I saw the amazing sight of a Volkswagen, with cut-down back to form a step, pulling a pantechnicon trailer, with yet another similar trailer attached behind...

Page 16 of June 1933 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, June 1933


PROSPECTS OF GOOD RACING IN THE ISLE OF MAN THE ENTRY LISTS CLOSE WITH A FIELD OF 19 CARS IN THE MANNIN BEG AND 13 IN THE MANNIN MOAR. AN excellent entry has been received for both the Mannin. Nloar and the Mannin Beg Races to be held at Douglas, Isle of Man, on July 12th and 14th. The list was officially closed on May 15th, but in addition to those given below there are several provisional...

Page 7 of August 1968 archive issue thumbnail Page 7, August 1968

Matters of Moment

• Grands Prix—Triumphant/Tragic This issue of Motor Sport is up to date with a report on the most recent Grand Prix. In the middle of a tragic season of motor racing it is desirable to look as calmly as possible at this highest, most exciting and most rewarding (not necessarily in a financial sense) form of the Sport. That is, if International motor racing can any longer be described as a sport...

Page 36 of April 1937 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, April 1937


ODD SPOTS R. A. Waddy is carefully going over Fuzzi 9, replacing the wire and nails with light alloy parts. Dunlop racing wheels are now fitted, with H.R.G. brake assemblies, the Ferodo linings for which differ front and rear and have been most carefully chosen. Watch Waddy at Lewes this season ! J. A. Grant, whose Bentley service depot on new premises at Balham Hill is well known, was formerly...

Page 37 of May 1937 archive issue thumbnail Page 37, May 1937


The Season Opens So the Empire Trophy Race is over and the season is well on its way. Right from that first race the enthusiast has had. heaps to interest him. In the Donington race Dobson found the Bimotore Alfa-Romeo quite unsuited to the course in practice and the Bugatti and Talbot were very regrettably not on the starting line. Remarkable that Mays has won his first big race with the little...

Page 33 of December 1965 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, December 1965

Books for Christmas

"Riley—The Production and Competition History of the Pre-1939 Riley Motor Cars," by Dr. A. T. Birmingham. 248 pp. 10 in. x 6.6 in. (G. T. Foulis & Co. Ltd., 1-5, Portpool Lane, London, E.C.1. 45S.) In recent months some outstanding one-make histories have become available which should provide intensely interesting reading for historically-minded readers as well as representing, as such books...

Page 25 of April 1957 archive issue thumbnail Page 25, April 1957

Parisian Affair

Motor Sport Crosses the Channel to Enjoy Motoring Freedom and Visit the Renault, Simca and Logo-Talbot Factories Petrol rationing is irksome, so on the last day of February we left England for France, where a generous allocation of petrol to tourists is going to keep the Air Bridge and the cross-Channel steamers exceedingly busy this summer. The plot was to spend six days visiting some Parisian...

Page 78 of July 1997 archive issue thumbnail Page 78, July 1997

The versatile Wisdoms

Their daughter was the famous one, but Tommy and Elsie Wisdom made their own mark in 25 years of racing together Bill Boddy chronicles the varied career of one of the sport's most enduring partnerships When the name Wisdom comes up in motoring conversation one thinks instantly of Ann Wisdom, who did so well in the top rallies with cars as hairy as the Austin Healey 100s, etc, often partnered by...

Page 17 of October 1945 archive issue thumbnail Page 17, October 1945

Club News

We hear Norman Sharp, he of the Scott motorcycle and 3-litre Maybach-gearboxed Lagonda, has acquired Lacy's 3-litre Bentley, as Lacy is going away — genuine case of "owner going abroad." Denis Jenkinson's "basic" hack is said to be a s.v. 16 H. Norton. And writing of early motor-cycles, an A.B.C. has been found in a barn in Northumberland, an early chain-drive, 2-stroke Enfield runs around...

Page 24 of April 1937 archive issue thumbnail Page 24, April 1937

Club News

e4 11044 1NVICTA C.C. At the opening meeting at which the club was formed some remarkable Invictas gathered at the " Wee Waif" café Five 100 m.p.h. 41-litre open tourers, finished in ivory, blue, green, blue and cream and red, respectively, a black Vanden Pins two-seater, and a coupe on low-chassis 41-litres, a black N.L.C. coupe, a fabric L.C. 41-1itre, and two black A-type saloons were present...



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