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Page 82 of August 2010 archive issue thumbnail Page 82, August 2010

Mirror to the World

The budget was huge, the organisation immense. Anthony Howard was the man charged by the Daily Mirror with turning rally bulletins into news Once upon a time, Fleet Street thrived amid rivers of alcohol, old Spanish practices, the chatter of telex machines and the aroma of hot lead. But its firm grip on advertising revenues and its prime position as provider of news and entertainment faced an...

Page 44 of October 1993 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, October 1993


When Mikko Helander, then manager of Finland's Teboil Team which existed to help promising private drivers, told me after an Arctic Rally many years ago that a little known driver called Ari Vatanen would one day become world champion, I was sceptical. I had been approached by self-considered talent scouts many times before and I was not easily convinced. A few years later, after Vatanen had...

Page 50 of April 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 50, April 1977

Rally Review

The Portuguese Rally In most rallies nowadays, tyres play a vital role. It is of the utmost importance to provide cars with as much grip as modern tyre technology can achieve, so on tarmac special stages one finds tyres not at all dissimilar to those used on racing circuits, on rough roads one finds chunky treads, on smooth, hard roads a compromise of the two and on ice or snow a combination of...

Page 78 of August 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 78, August 1975

The Dutch Grand Prix

James Hunt scored a fine win in the Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort in his Hesketh 308. Hunt (top left), can be seen on the winner's rostrum, laughingly knocking the Goodyear cap off third placeman Clay Regazzoni's head after the Swiss had failed to remove it during the playing of the British National Anthem. Right, Hunt (No. 24) leads Niki Lauda's second place Ferrari 312T (No. 12) just before...

Page 64 of December 1990 archive issue thumbnail Page 64, December 1990

RAC Rally Preview - Rallyman's Radar

This year for the very first time, advance reconnaissance of the RAC Rally's forest stages will be allowed, and the use of pace notes during the event itself. GP explains the origin of pace notes and how they differ from other notes. Rallyman's Radar Listen to some people and you might be persuaded that Pace Notes is the name given to some mystic chant employed by elite navigators to squeeze an...

Page 43 of January 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 43, January 1984

Lombard RAC Rally of Great Britain

When FISA finally gave in to an overwhelming demand and created, in 1979, an official World Championship for rally drivers, rather than just their cars, the tussle for the title was nail-bitingly close. All year Hannu Mikkola and Björn Waldegård made little impression on each other, and if one moved ahead significantly, the other soon caught up. Finally, the first holder of the title was...

Page 32 of November 1982 archive issue thumbnail Page 32, November 1982


RALLY REVIEW Cyprus Rally 'FOP-HEAVY, cluttered by coefficients, and with so many qualifying events that they frequently overlap, the European Rally Championship never seems to attract attention until about hallway through the year, when two or three drivers have emerged as potential winners of the series. Only then are efforts intensified, and the policy of some teams appears to be to tick over...

Page 80 of December 1982 archive issue thumbnail Page 80, December 1982

Ivory Coast Rally

TWO months ago we spoke of the drift towards very lean entry lists for World Championship rallies, and how the Rally of the Thousand Lakes was an exception to this — the Lombard RAC Rally is another outstanding exception. Since then there has been an event at the opposite extreme, illustrating that a rally can only hold interest proportional to the calibre of those who take part in it. Even the...

Page 54 of June 1980 archive issue thumbnail Page 54, June 1980

Welsh Rally

Welsh Rally IN what was akin to Acropolis weather conditiorts, Ari Vatancn and co-driver Dave Richards took their immaculate Rothmans Escort to its first victory in this year's Sedan Open rally championship on the Atcost 80 International Rally, better known as "The Welsh." Their performance over thc almost non-stop 29-hour event was as spotless as their mount, except for a spell of last-minute...

Page 42 of April 1978 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, April 1978

Rally review - Strange decision

When the CSI published its list of World Rally Championship qualifiers for 1978, among the 11 rallies was New Zealand's major event which last year we saw for the first time. It was a well-organised rally, run by dedicated enthusiasts, and with a superb collection of long, tough, forest stages in its six-day duration. Indeed, it was a rally which proved to be eminently worthy of its place in the...



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