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Page 3 of November 2007 archive issue thumbnail Page 3, November 2007


Christian Sylt and Caroline Reid  Finance journalists and analysts of the business side of F1, Sylt and Reid explore the funding behind grand prix teams. Christian has written on F1 for The Independent on Sunday, Autosport, and Business Life; Caroline contributes articles to the London Evening Standard and European Business. Their new book is Formula Money, an annual guide to F1’s financial...

Page 4 of April 2000 archive issue thumbnail Page 4, April 2000

World's best returns for round World rally

Hannu Mikkola, the man voted in this magazine by a panel of experts as the greatest rally driver of all time, is to come out of retirement. The legendary Finn is to head the field for this June's London to Sydney marathon at the wheel of a Ford Escort RS1600. Mikkola, 57, has effectively been retired since he took part in, and won, the London to Mexico Rally in 1995, reprising his legendary drive...

Page 44 of August 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, August 1996

Sham 96

The European Rally Championship should be a stepping stone. David Williams explains why it isn't, not by a long chalk... Take a good look round the Bastos motorhome as you clutch your free drink and you will observe a sign saying that no more than 35 people may stand on the fold-out terrace. It is by no means untypical. Walk north for a few yards and you will find a similarly proportioned trailer...

Page 82 of March 1998 archive issue thumbnail Page 82, March 1998

Clark... of course

Roger Clark was not just a quick driver, he was a wonderful person with a truly rare talent. John Davenport, team-mate and friend, remembers him. I was writing freelance rally reports for Motoring News when I first encountered Roger Clark. In those days, Christmas Day had to fall on a Saturday to prevent my participation on a rally at a weekend, so I am not sure about the name of the event. All I...

Page 21 of July 1969 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, July 1969

Rally Review

Acropolis Rally One of the adjectives dearest to journalists' hearts when describing motor sporting events of long standing is Classic. Exactly what this means is not clear, though it certainly has nothing to do with literature when used in this particular context. But of all events the one to which such a description might best apply is the Acropolis Rally. Mythology is part of Greece's national...

Page 28 of August 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, August 1975

Rally review

Morocco Rally If a bookmaker had to give odds on the runners in the RAC Rally, the Monte Carlo Rally or the Thousand Lakes, he would hardly be likely to place among the favourites anyone driving a Peugeot 504, for such cars are far too big and heavy to he anything like as competitive as the smaller, lighter and far more agile cars which regularly achieve success in the faster, smoother rallies....

Page 43 of May 1998 archive issue thumbnail Page 43, May 1998

Loose ends

This is the last year an Escort will lead Ford’s rally effort. Matthew Franey honours an icon and lets rip in Mikkola’s London-Mexico winner and Kankunnen’s WRC contender – the first and last of the line It’s a stark contrast. Unfair, really. Watching the little car bounce and kick its way across tile rough ground, propelling rocks the size of a clenched fist back towards my windscreen with...



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