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Page 21 of February 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, February 2014


Grand Prix Zandvoort Mark Koense Some of the content will be familiar, following our extensive photographic preview in last November’s issue, but the finished product is perhaps even better than we’d dared hope. The book commences with some early circuit sketches and morphs via an entertaining letter from Sammy Davis (after conducting a track inspection, he urged the circuit developers to have no...

Page 152 of December 2013 archive issue thumbnail Page 152, December 2013

Compliments of the racing season

For half a century motoring artist Michael Turner has welcomed Christmas with a special set of paintings you can send to your friends For the past 50 years, motor racing fans have enjoyed a particular Christmas tradition of their own – the publication each year by Michael Turner of his greetings card sets. It goes without saying that these do not feature snowmen, robins, Father Christmas or holly...

Page 67 of August 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 67, August 2012

1969, '71 & '73 Jackie Stewart

My first memory of seeing Jackie Stewart is at the Oulton Park Gold Cup meeting in 1964: a small trim man, talking to a pretty girl – Helen, his wife – with a scarf tied around her head. They were standing by their car, a green Mini. That day Stewart, driving Ken Tyrrell’s Cooper-BMC, won the Formula 3 race beating Chris Irwin’s Merlyn. There was at first an innocence about him – a small-town boy...

Page 92 of February 1998 archive issue thumbnail Page 92, February 1998

The suvivor's guide to owing an F1 team

GP teams have come and gone, but Tyrrell has made it through the good times and bad… until now. Adam Cooper discovers the secret of keeping a team afloat in 1998 The 1999 season will see a significant change to the Formula One entry list. Tyrrell, the third oldest marque in the Grand Prix pitlane after Ferrari and McLaren, will no longer as exist as we know it now. In its place comes British...

Page 48 of July 1974 archive issue thumbnail Page 48, July 1974

Reflections in the Monte Carlo harbour

Once the social party that surrounds the Monaco Grand Prix had dispersed and all the hired yachts had left it was possible to look into the waters of the harbour with a cool clear eye. For a moment I thought I saw a red Lancia D50 lying on the bottom, alongside a green Lotus-Climax, but I soon realised it was only my memory playing me tricks, for with the iron guard rails along the edge of the...

Page 46 of March 1970 archive issue thumbnail Page 46, March 1970

Talking tyres

with Dunlop, Goodyear, Firestone Racing Men Dunlop Heading Dunlop's International Racing and Rally Service is Dick Jeffrey, Sales Manager (Racing) for the Birmingham Company. Mr. Jeffrey is responsible for policy within the racing department and kindly answered our first question. For the answers to our technical questions we turned to Chief Racing Designer Iain Mills, a youthful 29, who was born...

Page 14 of August 2003 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, August 2003

Elf magic

Sir, As an ex-employee of Elf Oil UK Ltd and Lotus Cars, I thought that with the impending demise of the brand we know in the UK as Elf— it's being swallowed up by Total — this might be a good time to run a feature outlining the involvement Elf has had over the past 30 years in motorsport. Elf has played a large part in all aspects of the sport from rallying to F1, and has supported some...

Page 40 of December 1971 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, December 1971

Rothmans World Championships Victory Race

Brands Hatch, October 24th. When the Mexican Grand Prix was cancelled Brands Hatch's idea of holding a Formula One race on the same date to bolster up the already heavy Motor Show 200 meeting programme seemed an excellent idea. The race was hurriedly given the title of the Rothmans World Championships Victory race and further light-hearted fun was added by the plan to have an Escort Mexico race...

Page 95 of August 2008 archive issue thumbnail Page 95, August 2008

Hits and near-misses

From title shootouts to pitstop trauma, ex-arrows man David Lowe has seen it all. He spoke to Rob Widdows David ‘Dorky’ Lowe lived in the paddocks and pitlanes for more than 20 years. Why ‘Dorky’? “I can’t possibly tell you that,” laughs David, “not for printing in Motor Sport anyway.” Right, on with this month’s tale then. And we begin at Thruxton in Hampshire in October 1991. The British...

Page 29 of December 2006 archive issue thumbnail Page 29, December 2006

Formula 1

Matters of moment Formula 1As Michael Schumacher reluctantly calls time on F1, finding God might make life in the slow lane a bit easier. Well, it worked for Sir Jackie Stewart... When Michael Schumacher gave his retirement address in the Monza pressroom he revealed that he'd only finally reached a decision after the US Grand Prix. It got me wondering how difficult it would have been for him to...



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