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Page 23 of April 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 23, April 1972

South African Grand Prix

First win for a Yardley McLaren Kyalami, March 4th. Relieved of its usual status of being the first World Championship event of the year, the South African event nevertheless proved to be a great success. The 26-car field was watched by a record crowd and the race proved to be a succession of exciting battles for the lead which, finally, resulted in victory for Hulme in a Yardley-sponsored...

Page 87 of December 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 87, December 2012


Lunch with SIR JOHN WHITMORE In more ways than one, Sir John Whitmore is different. Since this monthly series began in Motor Sport six years ago I've been lucky enough to take some 80 motor sporting personalities to lunch, and I don't think any of them has had so short a racing career. Probably none has had so strange a life since walking away from the sport, either. But John makes a worthy and...

Page 74 of March 2009 archive issue thumbnail Page 74, March 2009

Lunch with Paddy Hopkirk

The PM, Brucie, The Beatles… They all wanted to know this Belfast boy after his Mini win in Monte Carlo. But that was just one of his many successes In the UK at least, the frenzy surrounding Lewis Hamilton’s World Championship win last November spread far beyond Formula 1’s normal audience, and for a few days his name was on the lips of politicians, comedians, media pundits, even the priest on...

Page 27 of December 1971 archive issue thumbnail Page 27, December 1971

American comment

The sixth year of Can-Am competition in America saw Team McLaren once again on the receiving end of the major share of a $1-million prize, accessory, and qualifying prize fund. Final tabulated statistics show the overall winner, Peter Revson, to have earned $192,000, and Hulme, who finished in the runner-up position, $138,937, making the tidy sum of $320,937 (approximately £128,000) for the...

Page 47 of January 2005 archive issue thumbnail Page 47, January 2005

Track test -- Dunboyne

A decade after Dundrod was closed to cars on safety grounds, this Irish circuit was flourishing and claiming lives. Damien Smith reports Nine o'clock in the morning and, just like anywhere in the western world, the roads are jammed. This was once a typical Irish village serving a local farming community and little else. But given that it's only 15 miles outside Dublin, just beyond the city's M25-...

Page 26 of September 1971 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, September 1971

Around and about: comment on the racing and club scene

Tobacco race in South Africa South African motor racing centres around the annual Formula One Championship which comprises about eight keenly-contested races held mainly in South Africa itself but others in Rhodesia and Mozambique. In the last three or four years the whole thing has centred round two men—John Love from Bulawayo in Rhodesia and Dave Charlton who lives just a couple of miles from...

Page 72 of March 1982 archive issue thumbnail Page 72, March 1982

South Africa's F1 stars

Before Scheckter there was Love and Chariton… Jody Shceckter will be remembered as one of the worthy Grand Prix drivers of the 1970s, bursting onto the Formula One scene like a shooting star in 1973 and crowning a pretty distinguished career by winning the 1979 World Championship title driving a 3-litre flat-12 cylinder Ferrari 312T4. But the curly-haired youngster from East London was by no...

Page 39 of April 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 39, April 1975

Reflections in the Transvaal

It hardly seems possible that it was five years ago that I last visited South Africa, for the Grand Prix at the Kyalami Circuit, but it was indeed in 1970, so it was rather interesting to view the five-year span in Grand Prix racing, especially as regards who and what has changed. There were 23 starters in the 1970 race of whom a mere five were in the 1975 race, these being Ickx, Andretti,...

Page 40 of August 1961 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, August 1961

The rise and fall of the British Empire

The public showed its apathy towards the Intercontinental Formula by staying away from Silverstone in their thousands and the most optimistic attendance figure was an estimated 50,000. The double attraction of Wimbledon tennis and the England-Australia Test Match possibly accounted for some of this, but it seems that Intercontinental will die after the Brands Hatch race unless something drastic...

Page 89 of August 2011 archive issue thumbnail Page 89, August 2011

A career reaches take-off

A career reaches take-off We pbK up wnere we eft off ast montn as a buddng journa st tours tne tracKs of :urope tnen ends ns year wtn a hsKy f Lgnt nome BY EOIN YOUNG began writing reports on the 1961 Formula Junior races for Motoring News in Britain as a rookie writer just arrived from New Zealand. When I reached London I headed for the editorial office and was commissioned to cover the FJ races...



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