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Page 18 of June 2001 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, June 2001


On paper, it looked wonderful. In the autumn of 1956, Giuseppe Bacciagaluppi, President of the Automobile Club of Milan, invited Duane Carter, Competitions Director of the United States Auto Club, to Monza, and in his mind were the seeds of an idea: a match race between the best of America and the cream of Europe. A banked track had been added at Monza, first incorporated into the existing road...

Page 14 of October 2000 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, October 2000

Hawthorn absences

Sir, I enjoyed your feature on Mike Hawthorn's appearances at Goodwood, but found that as soon as I had gone through the results table, I began thinking about a couple of his no-shows at the Sussex track. He had intended to return for the major September meeting just two weeks after his Modena accident. He would have driven the Cooper-Bristol, of course, but his new-found fame was now leading to...

Page 54 of October 1995 archive issue thumbnail Page 54, October 1995

The numbers game

Unravelling the mystery of various Maserati 250Fs… The Maserati 250F is everyone's favourite '50s Grand Prix car. It was not a landmark design in terms of technological development, but it was as successful as any in its era, and above all it epitomised the aesthetic appeal of a Grand Prix car in the last days before designers discovered that racing cars worked better with their engines behind...

Page 80 of July 1988 archive issue thumbnail Page 80, July 1988

Best of British!

In a month when the frenzy of patriotism over Britain's Le Mans challenge reaches a peak, we reflect on Jaguar's last victory at the Sarthe thirty-one years ago. 1957 was a memorable year in many respects for the British at Le Mans. In a year when the Automobile Club de l'Ouest was celebrating its fiftieth anniversary and lap and distance-records were shattered in all classes, the coveted Index...

Page 24 of October 1992 archive issue thumbnail Page 24, October 1992

Champagne Days

France's old Reims-Gueux circuit might effectively have been a high-speed triangle that put the onus on power rather than skill, but one corner was among the greatest in racing... If you were holidaying in France, en famille, au EuroDisney and happened to have a Ford Cosworth handy and the Reims-Gueux circuit only minutes up the road, wouldn't you feel that you'd deserved a respite from endless...

Page 32 of July 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 32, July 2012

Nigel Roebuck

Ni e Roebuck arly in May I spent three quite enchanting days in Modena and around. I had been there many times before, of course, but always during trips to Imola, a place probably unknown to the gentlemen of CVC, but one which was — and still could be, if 30 or 40 million dollars a year were available — among the finest theatres of Grand Prix racing I have known. Better yet, it is in a country...

Page 26 of November 2002 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, November 2002

Legends: Lancia D50

Nigel Roebuck Seeing it lined up, in the Goodwood paddock at the Revival Meeting, with such as the Dino 246, the 250F and the Mercedes-Benz W196, it struck me again how small is the Lancia D50, how astonishing its impact on grand prix racing must have been in 1954. I had seen the car before, of course, notably over the 1981 Italian Grand Prix weekend, when Juan Manuel Fangio ran some...

Page 26 of June 1956 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, June 1956

Another Mille Miglia with Moss

A Tale Of Woe - by Denis Jenkinson Some years ago there was a popular ballad entitled "Trees" and the last line ran, " . . but only God can make a tree." By the grace of God and one of his trees I am able to write the story of my 1956 Mille Miglia. But let us go back to the beginning, which for me was shortly after the 1955 Mille Miglia when Moss asked me if I would go with him again, and...

Page 23 of May 1956 archive issue thumbnail Page 23, May 1956

Another Sicilian Win for Collins

Palermo, April 8th. The racing season opened on the Continent of Europe with the Giro di Sicilia, organised by the Automobile Club of Palermo, and after all the rumours of no more racing in Sicily and limitations to events in Italy, the scene in Palermo showed no signs of any such rumours being true. Enthusiasm throughout the island was as great as ever and all along the 1,080 kilometres of the...

Page 19 of December 1997 archive issue thumbnail Page 19, December 1997

Motoring sportsmen - Paul Frere

Journalist, racer and engineer, the octogerian Le Mans winner still shows no signs of slowing down There's a saying that if you can't do it, you can always write about it. Of those rare few who can do both, Paul Frère is the prime example. Grand Prix driver, Le Mans winner and motoring journalist respected across Europe, his is a career of racing and writing spanning more than 50 years. The...



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Ford vs Ferrari: The Le Mans '66 Film Special



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