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Page 4 of October 1993 archive issue thumbnail Page 4, October 1993

The month in Motor Sport

August 17: Rene Dreyfus, one of the last survivors from motor racing's Golden Age, passes away in his adopted New York, aged 88. 17: NASCAR drivers finish testing at Indianapolis, in preparation for the Brickyard's first stock car race in August 1994. Kenny Wallace left the circuit with a broken shoulder, and John Andretti with a red face, after losing control and prompting a multi-car accident....

Page 67 of January 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 67, January 1981

Lombard Rally of Great Britain

There are some rallies in the world which need, in order to attract entries of worthwhile quality and in worthwhile numbers, the prop of inclusion in a major series. They have either not yet acquired the popularity of other events, or are so expensively distant from Europe, where rally teams are most concentrated, that they need the additional attraction provided by the possibility of scoring...

Page 57 of January 1985 archive issue thumbnail Page 57, January 1985

Lombard RAC Rally of Great Britain

Imagine a Wembley cup final taking place after the champions had clinched their position in a semi-final. Such a match, merely to determine runners-up, would be low in spectacle, devoid of significance, and by no means an attractive, sparkling package capable of generating excitement on the customary Wembley scale. Fortunately, the same criteria do not apply to rallying, and even though the World...

Page 26 of September 1986 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, September 1986

From Humalamäki to Al Inshirah

Next round of the World Rally Championship is Finland's Rally of the Thousand Lakes, this year moved by a calendar shuffle from its traditional late August date to the first weekend of September. Further changes, to comply with the new FISA rule limiting the length of special stages to a maximum of 30 km and stage average speed to 110 kph, include the scrapping of what is perhaps the rally's best...

Page 32 of June 1978 archive issue thumbnail Page 32, June 1978

The Welsh International Rally

We have already written in this issue of Motor Sport (page 811) of the exciting, well-matched duel in Portugal between Hannu Mikkola (Ford Escort RS) and Markku Alen (Fiat 131 Abarth), resolved on the very last special stage when Mikkola lost his slender lead by collecting a puncture. Just three weeks later in Wales, Mikkola set the balance level again by comfortably winning the International...

Page 52 of August 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 52, August 1979

Rally Review

The International Rally of Brazil Although an immense amount of excitement and pleasure is generated by the established classic rallies of the world, the appearance of a new event is just as much of an attraction and it is with considerable anticipation, even curiosity, that people well accustomed to the near-institutional status of Acropolis, RAC, Safari and others go along to see for themselves...

Page 32 of November 1993 archive issue thumbnail Page 32, November 1993

A winter's tale

From November 21-24 Britain's biggest sporting event will take place. The RAC Rally regularly attracts more on-the-spot watchers than the Derby, Wimbledon or even the cup final. It is sponsored this year by Network Q. More than likely, the weather will be cold, damp, foggy and generally miserable, pretty well the most unattractive conditions of any event in the World Championship, yet it gathers...

Page 24 of January 1992 archive issue thumbnail Page 24, January 1992

Finland 1 Spain 0

Lombard RAC Rally When Carlos Sainz crashed out of contention on the 1000 Lakes Rally, then rolled several times during the Commonwealth Bank Rally of Australia, it was thought that these were just fleeting slips, unlikely to be repeated elsewhere. His fight to keep his world title would go on undiminished. However, rallies can be lost for reasons other than human error, and in the three events...



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