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Page 70 of June 1988 archive issue thumbnail Page 70, June 1988

Easy Does It

Fine if cold weather, a large attendance and an entry of 232 cars on April 23 made the first Vintage Sports Car Club race meeting of 1988 a memorable one. Two intended attractions at Silverstone were the Bugatti Royale and “Babs”, the 27-litre aero-engined Parry Thomas car due to race for the first time since 1926 when it lapped Brooklands at 125.77 mph. However, “Babs” suffered a con-rod...

Page 29 of September 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 29, September 1977

European Letter

(By means of which our European reporter occasionally keeps in touch with the Editor.) Dear W.B., For a change I am starting to write this one from the offshore island of Great Britain, instead of the Mainland of Europe, the reason being that I went on strike and flatly refused to go and watch the German GP being run at the Hockenheim Stadium. Over the past months we have heard various out-...

Page 95 of November 2005 archive issue thumbnail Page 95, November 2005

Marcus Pye's Diary

  Paying homage to the Maserati 250F, visiting the Brighton Speed Trials and railing against driving standards at Spa Donington Park: Difficult to believe, when one considers the extraordinary longevity of the model, that only two drivers won World Championship grands prix in Maserati 250Fs. That the opposition was immense, and well-funded, implies special talent was called for. Thus it was: Juan...

Page 48 of July 1986 archive issue thumbnail Page 48, July 1986

Two days of VSCC at Oulton Park

Again this year the one-time one-day VSCC Meeting at the pleasant OuIton Park circuit was spreading over two days, a feast of motor racing, bicycle racing, beauty parade and auto-jumbling, attractive to participants but rather tough on spectators; it involved this scribe in 415 miles' motoring, for instance... However, it enabled 14 races to be held, in cold, damp conditions on the Saturday, in...

Page 142 of October 1980 archive issue thumbnail Page 142, October 1980


[The following notes and photographs relating to his long association with Buick and Lendrum Hamnan by the late Mr. Russell Johns arrived too late for inclusion in "Buick Bygones" (tee pages 1560-1562) but art of such interest that we are glad to include them. — Ed.] The manager responsible for reorganising and maintaining the efficiency of the works from 1924 to 1939 was Mr. M. G. Armstrong. He...

Page 34 of May 1983 archive issue thumbnail Page 34, May 1983

VSCC race season opens at Silverstone

The Vintage SCC's first race meeting of 1983 was run off in summer-like sunshine at Silverstone on April 16th. Before it opened with the customary 40-minute High-Speed Trial, we were treated to a most interesting Parade, organised by the VCC of GB, of some very varied veterans, and to Richard Goode's extremely-polished aerobatics display in his 210 m.p.h. (300 m.p.h in the dive) Pace 'Spirit...

Page 37 of May 1973 archive issue thumbnail Page 37, May 1973

Le Mans weekend

(March 31st—April 1st) The noise of racing cars on the Circuit of the Sarthe for the first time since last June must be what attracted a surprisingly large crowd of spectators to Le Mans for the weekend of testing and the 4-hour race. Although there is now a lot of activity throughout the year on the little Bugatti Circuit it is not the same as the full circuit being in use, with cars approaching...

Page 21 of February 1989 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, February 1989

Letter to readers

Vans! Dear Reader, The first time I saw a racing car being unloaded from a van in the paddock for a Speed Trial, I was fascinated, because up to that time racing cars were things I had only seen in photographs, racing on circuits. It had never occurred to me to consider how the racing car got to the circuit. Vans with the name of a well-known tuning establishment, or racing driver, on the side...

Page 79 of December 1982 archive issue thumbnail Page 79, December 1982

Historic Grand Prix Cars

THE Auto Union racing car was built in two basic forms, the 16-cylinder C-type which can through the 1934-1937 Grand Prix Formula and the 12-cylinder D-type which ran in 1938 and 1939 to the Formula of those years. It is the D-type Auto Union which concerns us this month. The Formula put a limit of 3,000 c.c. (3-litres) on supercharged engines and Dr. Porsche and the Auto Union engineers settled...

Page 93 of November 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 93, November 1984

V-E-V Miscellany

_ Y-E-V Miscellany. — We hear that Neil Corner has acquired Ronnie Symondson's ex-Embiricos Type 578 Bugatti, Neil has had two of these cars in the past but sold them, one going to California. We may have recently mistaken Model-B for Model-A Fords but note that The Times captioned one of these later Fords, which vvas on display at the Olympia Alternative Car Show,. as .2 Model-T. . . Referring...



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