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Page 67 of June 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 67, June 1999

Road rage

Even recent anti-race protests in Australia pale beside the hysteria after the 1903 Paris-Madrid, which ended road-racing for many years. Bill Boddy redresses the balance I do not wish to harp on about the remarkable race which nearly brought motor racing to an end all those long years back. But the Paris to Madrid contest of 1903, over unclosed highways across Europe is sufficiently remarkable,...

Page 30 of January 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, January 1972


A section devoted to old-car matters VSCC Driving Tests, Silverstone (December 4th) Quite why the Vintage SCC chooses to inflict driving tests at bleak Silverstone on its members in December no-one rightly knows. However, there is a snatch of tradition in this, because, before it required annual repairs, winter record attacks were made at Brooklands and the Southport sand-racing season opened in...

Page 31 of December 1938 archive issue thumbnail Page 31, December 1938


THE VETERAN RUN TO BRIGHTON A RECORD ENTRY AND SPLENDID ORGANISATION N November 20th the R.A.C. and the Veteran Car Club again gave us one of the inimitable runs to Brighton for cars built prior to 1905. This event is quite unique and vast entertainment for competitors, who, however, take the run really seriously, as, indeed, it should be taken. It seems to attract as many onlookers as most...

Page 23 of December 1952 archive issue thumbnail Page 23, December 1952

Club News

We Hear J. A. H. Wallace, Napleton Grange, Kempsey, Worcs., is restoring a 1922 7-h.p. Wolseley flat-twin light car and seeks data, spares and especially the correct carburetter for it. A Foy-Steel light car has come to light in Norfolk. The winter number of Milestones is a Guest Number of the Guild of Motoring Writers; contributors include Tommy Wisdom, W. F. Bradley, St. J. Nixon, S. C. H....

Page 64 of July 1993 archive issue thumbnail Page 64, July 1993


The birth of the Léon-Bollée goes back to days which are now almost impossible to visualise, so far distant are they. You have to go back to the 1870s, when Amedée Bollée started making his steam vehicles at Le Mans, long before the name of that town became immortalised in motor-racing history, starting with the French Grand Prix of 1906 and a Renault victory. From the dim recesses of history one...

Page 18 of April 1961 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, April 1961

Veteran Edwardian Vintage

 A Section Devoted to Old-Car Matters Vintage S.C.C.Opens at Silverstone on April 22nd One of the most enjoyable of the many Club Race Meetings held on the Silverstone circuit are those organised by the Vintage Sports Car Club, on account of the variety of cars competing. This season the first of these V.S.C.C. meetings will take place on April 22nd, commencing with a One-Hour High-Speed Trial at...

Page 17 of March 1968 archive issue thumbnail Page 17, March 1968

Racing Wolseleys

It so happened that when reporting last year's Clubman's Championship at Silverstone the Sports Editor of Motor, having commented that Alec Poole led from start to finish in the Saloon Car Race with his rapid Wolseley Hornet, went on to say that this is "probably the most successful Wolseley racer since the days of the Gordon Bennett cars." This reminded me that the exploits of the Wolseley...

Page 45 of May 1970 archive issue thumbnail Page 45, May 1970


SOME years ago St. John Nixon, the well-known motoring historian, expressed the opinion that the earlier veteran cars are far too precious to be subjected to active usage, and condemned such events for them as the annual Brighton Run, etc. At the time this seemed droll, because Mr. Nixon had done his share of long-distance motoring in "priceless heirlooms", having taken the 1899 Wolseley...

Page 43 of September 1955 archive issue thumbnail Page 43, September 1955

Book Reviews

The Complete Mercedes Story," by W. Robert Nitske. 167 pp., 5 ½in. by 8 ½in. (The Macmillan Company, 10, South Audley Street, London, W.1. 35s.) Here in one volume is a sorting-out of Mercedes-Benz history by a writer who was born in Berlin but went to the United States in 1929 and became an American citizen in 1936. He covers the prototype, production and racing models of the great Stuttgart...

Page 10 of July 1948 archive issue thumbnail Page 10, July 1948

Raymond Mays holds his own at Shelsley

The 2-litre E.R.A. makes F.T.D. in 37.89 sec. Poore and Gerard runners-up. Astonishing runs by John Cooper's Cooper 1,000. There is something about Shelsley Walsh that newer sprint venues lack. And on June 12th really warm weather contributed to the happy atmosphere, as racing cars, their vans and tenders and the exciting cars of enthusiast spectators converged on the famous Worcestershire hill....



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