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Page 55 of May 1989 archive issue thumbnail Page 55, May 1989

Veteran to classic

The roads of the 1920s As autumn approached in 1928, diarist Owen John observed that this seemed the correct time to hold the Motor Show at Olympia, an event which dated back to 1905. How well I remember the thrill of those shows, when, as boys, we would make for the Trojan stand to obtain free bags and then rush about filling these with all the catalogues and brochures we could scrounge. The...

Page 51 of January 1988 archive issue thumbnail Page 51, January 1988

Veteran to classic

The roads of the 1920s We left Owen John contemplating a winter tour in an Armstrong Siddeley, a tour he undertook over Christmas 1926 and New Year. He seems to have had initial misgivings, not about the car, but about the prices prevailing at that time in France, which did not appear to have changed since the Franc stood at 249 to the pound Sterling. However, a good dinner in an hotel at Autun...

Page 59 of November 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 59, November 1984


MOTORING AS IT WAS A Look Back to the Roads of the 1920s Continued from the September issue WE LEFT Owen John, that amateur motoring writer and philosopher whose way we are following so as to get a flavour of the past, enthusing over a Studebaker Six. That was in the summer of 1923, at a time when he was topical in referring to visiting the GP-winning Sunbeam in the Hanover Street showrooms of...

Page 74 of September 1989 archive issue thumbnail Page 74, September 1989

The roads of the 1920s

Well, Owen John went off on his European tour in the latest Crossley in 1929, but he had little to say about it in his diaries, apart from calling the latest 15.7hp car from Manchester "excellent". The memorial to Marcel Renault, who was killed during the Paris-Madrid race of 1903, was still there, south of Poitiers, on the very spot where the crash happened in that race of many accidents. OJ was...

Page 54 of February 1987 archive issue thumbnail Page 54, February 1987

The Roads of the 1920s

Having returned from his Continental tour in a 14/45hp Poppe-designed Rover tourer, as we described in the November 1986 MOTOR SPORT, Owen John, whose vintage exploits we are looking back on, decided he could forego the 1925 Olympia Motor Show, important as that was, and take his usual autumnal voyage to Scotland for the shooting season, staying 20 miles from the nearest railway station....

Page 68 of August 1987 archive issue thumbnail Page 68, August 1987

Veteran to classic

The roads of the 1920's We left Owen John driving various cars in the short-lived General Strike of 1926. 1 have a personal recollection of this emergency, as a boy living in south London. The newspaper told of a bus being overturned in Piccadilly, and although we were nowhere near this incident, it alarmed me that such terrorist happenings could be taking place in London's West End. Yet how mild...

Page 17 of April 1968 archive issue thumbnail Page 17, April 1968

Matters of Moment

• Motorway Accidents Increase In Spite Of 70-Limit The Ministry of Transport's reply to our anti-70-m.p.h. Petition, published last Month, has proved unacceptable to many of our readers. They are not prepared to accept the figures given by the Road Research Laboratory, yet it is these figures to which the Ministry keep returning, in arguing that accidents have been reduced since speed-limits. A...

Page 24 of August 1967 archive issue thumbnail Page 24, August 1967

Fragments on Forgotten Makes

No. 38: The Ruston-Hornsby The roots of Ruston & Hornsby Ltd. go back to 1857. They were a well-established engineering firm in Lincoln when the First World War broke out. Contracting to make aeroplanes, they erected a special factory at BouItham. Here they were responsible for 1,500 of the not very effective A.B.C. Dragonfly aero-engines and built B.E. 2d and 2e, Sopwith 1½-strutter, Sopwith...

Page 61 of May 1987 archive issue thumbnail Page 61, May 1987

Road impressions: Peugeot 309 SRi

My pleasure After visiting Peugeot at Ryton, I drove away in a jolly representative of the small cars from that factory, a 309 SR Injection. We have written a good deal about various Peugeot models in recent issues of Motor Sport, so we can perhaps be brief about this top performance model of the 309 range. It must be said at once, however, that it is fun to drive, has an electrifying performance...

Page 68 of March 1986 archive issue thumbnail Page 68, March 1986

Veteran - Edwardian - Vintage

Motoring As It Was - A Look Back to the Roads of the 1920s (Continued from the January issue) In the summer of 1924 Owen John, whose "diary" we are following, had taken a holiday in France, to what he called ''Brandyland", by which he meant to the Cognac country, using a Wolseley 14 tourer with those balloon tyres about which up to then he had been unconvinced. But after a completely troublefree...



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