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Page 33 of July 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, July 1972

VSCC at Oulton Park (June 17th)

Crabbe's 1937 W125 Mercedes-Benz Special provided the drama. Very quick in practice, he was soon in the lead in the Seaman Historic Trophy Race, which he just won last year from Martin Morris. This time Crabbe ran right away from the ERA R11B, which was using a lower (16 lb.) boost, the Mercedes setting a new pre-1940 lap-record of 87.5 m.p.h. But three laps from the finish the German car began...

Page 20 of February 1986 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, February 1986


The Hon Patrick Lindsay Patrick Lindsay died on January 9th at the age of 57 after an illness of several months. Known to the public most of all in his capacity as Chnsties Fine Art consultant and auctioneer, and keen pilot of his own Spitfire aircraft, he will be remembered in the motoring world for, amongst much else, his enthusiastic and successful racing of the ex-Bira ERA R5B, and one of two...

Page 15 of February 1964 archive issue thumbnail Page 15, February 1964

Rolls-Royce in Russia

When I was in Russia the other day I went to see the Rolls-Royce which had belonged to Lenin and which is now on view at the Lenin Museum in Moscow. I only had a brief moment in which to see it, and could not examine it carefully, but I take it to be a late Silver Ghost. The car appears to be in beautiful condition and, judging from the pedals and seats, etc, does not seem to have been greatly...

Page 53 of April 1962 archive issue thumbnail Page 53, April 1962


THAT MYSTERY EX-G.P. CAR From the Hon. Patrick Lindsay Sir, The photograph in the March issue is not Gavin Maxwell's converted single-seater G.P. car nor is it the P3 Alfa Romeo; it is in fact my r93 r 2.3 Monza Alfa Romeo. It is an ex-Scuderia Ferrari which came to this country in 1933 when Brian Lewis won the Mannin Moar race. Gavin Maxwell used to drive about in an ex-Grand Prix Maserati and...

Page 33 of July 1976 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, July 1976

VSCC Oulton Park Race Meeting (June 12th)

Alan Cottam's Day The traditional VSCC OuIton Park race meeting was held in sunshine, after a wet Friday, and had 148 race entries, and another 35 for the Cheshire Life "Beauty Show", won by Neale's 1911 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost from Parker's 1938 Alvis and Firth's 1937 Lagonda, the Martini Trophy being won by Barker's Talbot 90. Racing opened with a 5-lap Scratch Race in which Quartermaine's...

Page 80 of January 1994 archive issue thumbnail Page 80, January 1994

Innes Ireland

Sir, I am sure that all those who knew Innes Ireland will join me in thanking you for the generous tribute in December's Motor Sport. He was indeed a very fine fellow. I am certain that stories of Innes' riotous life will continue to entertain us for many years to come. Perhaps I may recall one incident that occurred during the winter of 1958. I was then a Sandhurst cadet, and although cars were...

Page 26 of April 1968 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, April 1968


A Section Devoted to Old-Car Matters Hill's 1930 Alvis Silver Eagle Wins 1968 V.S.C.C. Pomeroy Memorial Trophy Only the Vintage S.C.C. could run this event, one feels. It was conceived by the late Laurence Pomeroy as a means of finding the best all-round touring car, from Edwardian to current model. Pomeroy's father designed such famous fast touring cars as the Prince Henry and 30/98 Vauxhalls,...

Page 85 of June 2006 archive issue thumbnail Page 85, June 2006


Silverstone, April 81950s Sports Racing Cars1 Tony Bianchi (Farrellac Allard); 2 Barry Cannel! (Willment-Climax); 3 Jamie McIntyre (Rejo Mk4); 4 Mark Gillies (Maserati Tipo 61); 5 Stephen Gibson (Lister-Jaguar); 6 Michael Windsor-Price (Allard J2R).Fastest lap: Simon Ham (Lister-Jaguar) 1m 09.05s (85.45mph). !tala & Lanchester Trophies1 Julian Majzub (Bentley Pacey-Hassan); 2 Jeff Stow (...

Page 57 of June 2001 archive issue thumbnail Page 57, June 2001


Warhorses Arguably the most-raced car in the world, Remus has been out in almost every season since 1936. Gordon Cruickshank investigates Could this be 'the most raced car in the world'? Owner Ludovic Lindsay shrugs. "I've used that phrase myself because other people have, but does it mean race miles, or race starts, or number of seasons?" Yet on any of those grounds, ERA R5B can argue for that...

Page 28 of August 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, August 1977


There were quite a number of new cars in the pits for the British Grand Prix. Most notable was the Formula One Renault RS/01 described in the June issue of Motor Sport, though somewhat altered in outward appearance with an entirely new frontal treatment to the bodywork, with a chisel form rather than the original full-width "bluff" nose, and the power-unit being exposed rather than hidden under...



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