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Page 42 of December 2001 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, December 2001

Tony Dean

Can-Am was in a McLaren rut it needed a new Challenger. Chapparal blew into town with its 'sucker' car but, as Paul Fearnley explains, was upstaged by Yorkshire common sense. They called it the 'Bruce and Denny show' with good reason. The New Zealanders' orange McLarens were untouchable. They had won 19 Can-Am races in a row. They hadn't missed out on a pole since Riverside in 1967. But they...

Page 7 of April 2005 archive issue thumbnail Page 7, April 2005

Damien Smith's Off the line

Start 'em young Motor Sport, April 1976. The cover photo is Per Eklund's green Saab churning up the snow on the Swedish Rally. Inside, Jaguar's return to racing in a European Touring Car programme is lauded, while James Hunt's Race of Champions win and Niki Lauda's triumph in the South African Grand Prix are reported. Jenks profiles the role of the FIA in world motorsport, while WB looks back at...

Page 32 of February 2002 archive issue thumbnail Page 32, February 2002


GO FASTER STRIKES Larus FLAD GONE ALMOST FOUR YEARS WITHOUT A WIN. NOT SINCE the 1978 Dutch GP had Cohn Chapman's famous black cap been flung exultantly skyward. And so it flew higher than ever when Elio de Angelis scored an unexpected (and nailbiting) victory at the Osterreichring. Beyond the immediate emotion lay pleasing symmetry. Lotus had given Cosworth's DFV a memorable debut win some 15...

Page 53 of September 2002 archive issue thumbnail Page 53, September 2002


AMERICAN BEAUTY FROM ITS PURPOSEFUL BEAK TO TITANIUM TAIL, THIS Fl EAGLE OOZES CLASS AND STYLE. PAUL FEARNLEY TALKS TO THE MEN WHO CREATED IT Len Terry (designer): I was a technical illustrator to begin with, so when I designed something I always tried to make it as goodlooking as possible. That's the artist in me, I guess. Plus there's a lot of truth in the saying that, 'If it looks right, it is...

Page 25 of August 2006 archive issue thumbnail Page 25, August 2006

More on McLaren please

Sir, I greatly enjoyed Paul Fearnley’s article on McLaren after Bruce, and the fascinating memories from insiders therein. The only problem was that I was left wanting more. Thus I would like to politely request that you find space for a detailed piece on McLaren himself. I would also be interested in finding out more about the Can-Am, Formula 5000, Formula 2 and Formula 3 cars. Philip Jones,...

Page 9 of October 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 9, October 2004

Paul Fearnley's off the line

Green Issues Nobody had worn British Racing Green with greater pride — or more success — than Team Lotus. Impressed by the glitz and glamour of Indianapolis, Chapman had added that longitudinal yellow stripe, but that was all. Until Esso and Firestone withdrew their support — and ex-Lotus mechanic Dave Lazenby happened to mention to Andrew Ferguson, the man whose job it was to keep the team's...

Page 12 of May 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 12, May 2012


Having lunch with racing's great personalities is hardly a chore for Simon Taylor, but he particularly enjoyed catching up with two old friends for a rare dual interview this month. He's known Chris Craft and Keith Greene for over 40 years and promised us a wealth of entertaining stories. As usual, he didn't disappoint. We have a second dose of Simon this month, and it's something different. The...

Page 70 of March 2008 archive issue thumbnail Page 70, March 2008

Blue murder and red mist

Matra had already won Le Mans – now it wanted more. Ferrari was facing a classic duel to remember – especially as it would be their last in sports car racing. The year: 1973 By Paul Fearnley Twelve outings, 12 victories: Ferrari’s most successful sports car campaign had run perfectly under the calming, multilingual tutelage of Peter Schetty. This 30-year-old, Basle-born economics and political...

Page 38 of November 2003 archive issue thumbnail Page 38, November 2003

'Jim Hall, it's safe to say, was ahead of the techno game. His was a 10-gallon talent. Only Chapman and Murray come close in the innovation stakes'

America has tended to lag behind Europe on the design side of the sport. But there is an exceptional exception to this: Jim Hall. He tells Paul Fearnley about his hi-tech Chaparrals Jim Hall is tall for a racing driver — for that's what he was to begin with. He would be taller still but fora knock-kneed stance decreed by injuries sustained in a fiery flip at Stardust Raceway, Las Vegas, scene of...

Page 4 of June 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 4, June 2004


There was a constructor of a mid-1950s sports-racing car — to save any blushes we shall call it the Gestetner Mk1 — who many years later was invited to present the prizes following a race purely for his cars. Before he handed over the laurels to the winner, however, he not only congratulated him on his performance on the track but also for ensuring that there were more Gestetners out and about...



December 2019
Ford vs Ferrari: The Le Mans '66 Film Special



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