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Page 48 of March 1998 archive issue thumbnail Page 48, March 1998

The Full Monty

The modern Monte Carlo rally may be a carefully organised World Championship round, but past events have taken competitors to the limits of motoring. Monte survivor John Davenport remembers. The Monte Carlo Rally is not the longest, nor the oldest, nor yet the toughest motor rally in the world, but it is without doubt, the best known and the one most likely to stir some kind of story to the...

Page 56 of June 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 56, June 1977

Looking back with Reg Phillips

It is not every day that you meet a cheerful man of 62 who has been competing, for the fun of it, in speed events, trials and rallies, having built himself 20 specimens for the purpose, and who is looking forward to another season of speed hill-climbs in a Ferrari. Such a person is R. W. Phillips, Chairman of James Fairley Steels. D.S.J. and I went to meet him again the other day in Birmingham,...

Page 22 of December 1959 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, December 1959


A Section Devoted to Old Car Matters To Brighton on a Brushmobile Since before the war I have been riding as a passenger in the London-Brighton Veteran Car Run and this year I was entered by the Montagu Motor Museum to drive their 1904 Brushmobile in this unique and exciting event. It had been my intention to visit the Museum some days before "Brighton Sunday" in order to sort out the intricacies...

Page 56 of October 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 56, October 1999

The worst car I ever drove - Jack of no trades

Untried, untested and unloved, Datsun's entry for the 1973 Tour of Britain was Tony Fall's nemesis. John Davenport remembers why With the Tour of Britain, shortly to be revived for classic and historic cars, it is perhaps timely to think back to the days when this event was in its short heyday. The year is 1973 and the Avon Motor Tour of Britain organised by the BRSCC is go. Half rally and half...

Page 80 of December 2000 archive issue thumbnail Page 80, December 2000

The grit and the good

The RAC Rally has seen several transformations but, by recalling some of its greatest drives and moments, John Davenport concludes the fighting spirit required to win is unchanged. The RAC Rally was conceived in haste, but has a long and lasting legacy. Regulations for the inaugural event of 1932 were out before the previous Christmas and attracted 341 starts. Its 2000-mile route took them from...

Page 74 of March 2009 archive issue thumbnail Page 74, March 2009

Lunch with Paddy Hopkirk

The PM, Brucie, The Beatles… They all wanted to know this Belfast boy after his Mini win in Monte Carlo. But that was just one of his many successes In the UK at least, the frenzy surrounding Lewis Hamilton’s World Championship win last November spread far beyond Formula 1’s normal audience, and for a few days his name was on the lips of politicians, comedians, media pundits, even the priest on...

Page 33 of November 1965 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, November 1965

Rally Review Munich-Vienna-Budapest

Sometimes rallies that are a bit new to the International circus cause rally drivers to be taken aback when it is discovered that not only are the entrants puzzled by the regulations but that the organisers themselves are a bit hazy as to what is meant by them. Several years ago now, the Monte Carlo Rally organisers used to get into arguments of interpretation with its competitors, but since...

Page 133 of March 2009 archive issue thumbnail Page 133, March 2009

Three policeman, one rally car and an icy hill climb..

While the Monaco Grand Prix and Le Mans 24 Hours became accepted highlights of the road racing summer season, over many decades the depths of winter were absolutely dominated by the Monte Carlo Rally. With multiple starting points in major European – and UK – cities, the event used to be so dominated by deep snow and fiendish ice that one unusually mild edition attracted the memorable magazine...

Page 20 of July 1955 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, July 1955

The Rootes Group and Competition Motoring

An Interview with Norman Garrad, Competition and Sales Manager of Sunbeam Limited, about the Lessons Learned and the Successes Achieved in Competition Events, with Special Reference to the Arduous Alpine Rally. It is particularly gratifying to find that four of Britain's "Big Five" motor manufacturers enter cars for competitions and consider that to do so pays excellent dividends, both from the...

Page 98 of June 1982 archive issue thumbnail Page 98, June 1982

Book reviews

"Tiger, Alpine, Rapier — Sporting Cars from the Rootes Group" by Richard Langworth. 175 pp., 10" x 7 1/4" (Osprey Publishing Co. Ltd., 12-14, Long Acre, London, WC2E 9LP. £9.95) Some time ago Richard Langworth gave the impression that he was anti-British, by issuing some snide back-window stickers deriding British cars. He has made some amends for this by saying in the Preface to this book about...



December 2019
Ford vs Ferrari: The Le Mans '66 Film Special



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