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Page 56 of August 1988 archive issue thumbnail Page 56, August 1988

1988 British Grand Prix race report - Hero time

  The whole weekend, and in fact the whole British Grand Prix affair, was full of disappointments punctuated by flashes of joy. Ayrton Senna leading the British Grand Prix in the McLaren MP4/4. Photo: Motorsport Images Through the first seven races of the Formula One season, fluctuating from extremes of heat and cold, confusion and muddle, good circuits and bad, there were those among us who...

Page 16 of October 1992 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, October 1992

A Weekend Of Surprises

Mansell retires twice in one day, and as Patrese also falters Senna sweeps to a lucky but deserved victory A great deal has been written about Nigel Mansell this year, some of it positive, some not. Bar Canada, we have seen little to criticise in his on-track behaviour, although his off-track activities have often left something to be desired. But at Monza we saw what deserves to be remembered by...

Page 69 of July 2001 archive issue thumbnail Page 69, July 2001

Cafe Racer

Just as he was blending natural talent with the other attributes a regular F1 winner requires, fate struck a cruel blow. David Malsher assesses what might have been... The newspapers didn't sensationalise; the facts were hideous enough. 'Grand Prix Ace in Helicopter Crash' read the headlines. 'Life not in danger' they assured, in smaller type. But then phrases like 'right arm severed', 'emergency...

Page 41 of June 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 41, June 1981

Endurance Review

At last it is happening. Nearly a whole, frustrating decade after the CSI's meddlings sounded a virtual death-knell on international sports-car racing, this branch of our sport is beginning to make a recovery. This season is the interirn period between phasing out of the familiar Group Six definitions and introducing the new era of Group C. That means a new emphasis on fuel-thriftiness and...

Page 42 of June 2003 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, June 2003

The Pug that flew

As Group C climaxed with its 3.5-litre regulations in the early Nineties, Peugeot developed a prototype so extreme, yet so reliable, that it could race for 24 hours at Formula One speeds. Gary Watkins tells the story of the fastest-ever sportscar Take out of the equation those pedal-to-metal laps around the old eight-mile Spa-Francorchamps or the pre-Hella Licht-S Osterreichring, and a Porsche...

Page 124 of October 2010 archive issue thumbnail Page 124, October 2010

Renault 5 Turbo

This pocket rocket was a Group B forerunner with performance to match its outlandish looks. World domination didn’t beckon, but it took a few scalps on the special stages Profound wackiness was afoot. Renault had succeeded in creating a car that was both instantly recognisable and utterly surreal; a familiar shape that had been tweaked and honed, pushed and pulled to the point of absurdity. All...

Page 8 of December 1989 archive issue thumbnail Page 8, December 1989

Formula One: Japanese GP

A Flash in Japan Would Benetton unwittingly have played a role in influencing the outcome of the World Championship? That was one of the intriguing questions spewed out of the volcano that was the 1989 Japanese Grand Prix, an event that capped one of the most acrimonious and controversial seasons motorsport's supposedly glittering prize has had to endure. Cut away, for a moment, anything to do...

Page 4 of October 1991 archive issue thumbnail Page 4, October 1991


The Month in Motor Sport Aug 20/26: Carlos Sainz and Luis Moya forfeit the Rally of 1000 Lakes after damaging their Toyota over a crest. Juha Kankkunen and Juha Piironen triumph for Lancia. Aug 22: IMSA Championship leader Geoff Brabham suffers two fractured vertebrae, three broken ribs and abrasions after his Nissan has a puncture at 185mph at Road America, Elkhart Lake. Aug 22: Veteran hot...

Page 16 of January 2011 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, January 2011

Nigel Roebuck

Only in Italy would you find a politician weighing into a debate about the outcome of a Formula 1 World Championship. Within hours of Sebastian Vettel's winning the title in Abu Dhabi, one Roberto Calderoli, a member of the Northern League party, was so incensed by what he called Ferrari's 'demented strategy' (to pit Fernando Alonso earlier than planned) that he publicly called for the...

Page 38 of March 1983 archive issue thumbnail Page 38, March 1983

Lancia-Ferrari Group C contender

Although a Ferrari engined Lancia is not a new phenomenon — there was the six-cylinder Dino powered Stratos rally car of the mid-70s — the unveiling in February of the new Group C Endurance car from the Turin manufacturer caused quite a stir, as the lightweight (810 kg.) two-seater is powered by a new 2.6-litre V8 from Maranello. Although utilising parts from the 2,927 cc. Ferrari 308GTBi engine...



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