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Page 25 of March 1973 archive issue thumbnail Page 25, March 1973

2nd Brazilian Grand Prix

Another comfortable Lotus victory THERE ARE Grands Prix that are tense and closely fought with the lead see-sawing between several teams and the verdict in question until the closing few laps and there are others where the result looks almost a foregone conclusion, even in practice. But, in these cases, the unexpected sometimes happens and the cars that made the running in practice may hit...

Page 78 of January 1994 archive issue thumbnail Page 78, January 1994

James Hunt- portrait of a champion

by Christopher Hilton. PSL, £9.99 Well, if I'm honest it's difficult to know quite what to make of this book by the prolific Hilton. Certainly, it is not up to his usual standard, nor is it particularly well produced, but then speed was of the essence all through as PSL rushed it into print in time for Christmas. A softback, it's good value at £9.99, and clearly it was thrown together with the...

Page 164 of April 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 164, April 1999

My greatest race - Eddie Cheever

German Group 5 saloon car race, Nurburgring, 1976 The most frightening part of beating his hero Ronnie Peterson in an identical car around the old Nurburgring was the subsequent trip with him to the airport. I've had a funny career. I started like gangbusters, and always came very close but never got all I wanted. So to form my own team, do it right, and win the Indy 500 last year was very...

Page 32 of July 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 32, July 2012

Nigel Roebuck

Ni e Roebuck arly in May I spent three quite enchanting days in Modena and around. I had been there many times before, of course, but always during trips to Imola, a place probably unknown to the gentlemen of CVC, but one which was — and still could be, if 30 or 40 million dollars a year were available — among the finest theatres of Grand Prix racing I have known. Better yet, it is in a country...

Page 57 of August 2010 archive issue thumbnail Page 57, August 2010

The first of March

It's spent decades hanging on a wall, but now the first-ever March Grand Prix car is to run again - 40 years after one lucky journalist got to test drive it at Silverstone... It was like bumping into an old flame. Forty years ago, in our distant youth, we'd shared just one dance. In the intervening decades we'd both moved on; inevitably, we were both showing our age. I never meant a thing to her...

Page 80 of April 1982 archive issue thumbnail Page 80, April 1982

Formula 2 - is it on the right track?

WHEN the European Formula Two Championship was originally instigated in 1967 it was intended to consolidate a very positive bridge between Formula Three and Formula One. To this end, it was very strictly controlled. Anybody who had scored World Championship points was debarred from scoring points in the F2 contest. And you could only win the European title once since one of the rewards for such...

Page 38 of May 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 38, May 1972

Formula 2 Review

Why the new cars are unreliable The new season of Formula Two racing has started with a bang —mainly in the engine compartments. The new year brought a change of regulations which increased the capacity limit from 1,600-c.c. to 2,000 c.c. but also made the use of homologated production cylinder heads mandatory. Previously only production blocks had to be used and the design of the head was left...

Page 78 of June 1994 archive issue thumbnail Page 78, June 1994

Were these the greatest?

This selection which is by no means intended to be definitive is our assessment of 20 of the greatest racing drivers of the past eight decades. Pietro Bordino Segrave described him as the finest road race driver in the world, and in the FIAT Grand Prix cars of the early '20s The Mad Mullah had few equals. He was fiery and aggressive, and liked to fight it out from the front rather than adopting...

Page 60 of July 1970 archive issue thumbnail Page 60, July 1970

Pictorial Review

1,000 kms. Nurburgring, Crystal palace, Indianapolis 500, Acropolis Rally, Martini Silverstone, Belgian GP 1,000 kms. Nurburgring After comparative trials before the Nurburgring 1,000 kms. event, Porsche was represented by the lightweight 908/3 models prepared for the Targa Florio. Two were entered by John Wyer for his regular drivers, who headed the Indianapolis start. The four drivers, Siffert...

Page 38 of October 2000 archive issue thumbnail Page 38, October 2000

Field of dreams

This year's American Grand Prix at Indianapolis is not the first time Formula One cars have raced on oval-cum-road course. Adam Cooper recalls the 1971 Questor GP During a visit to a NASCAR race at Riverside back in 1987, I decided to track down another famous southern Californian venue. I was aware that Ontario Motor Speedway had been closed for seven years, but I nevertheless expected to find...



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Racing Rivalries: The 25 most explosive battles between drivers, teams, cars... and families.



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