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Page 15 of March 1936 archive issue thumbnail Page 15, March 1936


BROOK.LANDS OPENS A GOOD SATURDAY AFTERNOON'S SPORT AT J.C.C. RAE LY Having been defeated by fog on February 15th, the Junior Car Club, as is traditional, opened the 1936 Brooklands season on February 22nd, with their members' Rally. True there was then no a of fog, but conditions could otherwise sign have been worse, for it poured in torrents until just before the start and the drizzled heavily...

Page 24 of April 1937 archive issue thumbnail Page 24, April 1937

Club News

e4 11044 1NVICTA C.C. At the opening meeting at which the club was formed some remarkable Invictas gathered at the " Wee Waif" café Five 100 m.p.h. 41-litre open tourers, finished in ivory, blue, green, blue and cream and red, respectively, a black Vanden Pins two-seater, and a coupe on low-chassis 41-litres, a black N.L.C. coupe, a fabric L.C. 41-1itre, and two black A-type saloons were present...

Page 18 of May 1941 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, May 1941

Letters from readers

Sir, As an incurable motor-cyclist I was particularly interested in "More Mark V, or a Study in Average Speed" in the March issue. If a motor-cyclist chooses the wrong line on a bend when travelling fast or if he fails to observe a slippery patch of road or a change in road-surface he will probably perform an involuntary act which is picturesquely described as buying a box of tacks. Such a...

Page 45 of January 1951 archive issue thumbnail Page 45, January 1951


For all sports spares, materials and equipment TUBULAR LUGGAGE GRIDS, chromium-plated, for M.G., Singer. 5.5. 100, Allard, Standard Eight, Austin Eight, FIAT. 500, from 14 Ss. •' Deep Note " exhaust systems, from £3. " Brocklands " steering wheels E4 Ss. " Brooklands " Aero screens, universal fittings. 48s. each. Fold-flat sports screens 39 in, wide, chromium-plated, fitted safety glass. £10 105...

Page 35 of July 1939 archive issue thumbnail Page 35, July 1939


_ #••••••41,1?11111.11?1111.1?011?11?40.111?416.1111•40?110?41,?• I I •••••.1.1.4110?14 • ••?•?., • • A SELECTION OF MOTOR SPORT ROAD TESTS THAT HAVE APPEARED IN PAST ISSUES If you do not see the road test that you require write us a but not published below. letter. We may have it in stock, 1933 1931 Make of Car Issue A.B.C. 11 h.p. ......... Feb. 1926 A.C. 2-litre, short-chassis, I 2-...

Page 15 of May 1939 archive issue thumbnail Page 15, May 1939


ett4 /lewd HARROW C.C. The Moss Trial used hills on the The Moss Trophy Trial used hills on the War Office ground in the Red Roads area—which might be described as something of a God-send to near-London trials organisers in these congested times. The hills were fairly easy and the entry small. D. W. Price won the Moss Trophy with his Ford V8 and Ken Hutchison's Allard was fastest in the figure-of...

Page 46 of December 1951 archive issue thumbnail Page 46, December 1951

FOR SALE--continued

FOR SALE—continued BENTLEY PARTS. :1-litre radiator, £15 ; camshaft. £5. 4f-litre, set tourer wings, with front stays. elean but unpainted, £10 ; pair cycle.tym: fronts complete with stays, good condition, British racing green, £6 ; bulkhead, £5 ; Autovac and petrol filter., 43 ; fan assembly, ; hand-brake lever and fulcrum, 50s. ; set four con. -rod; ; big-ends, £6. Iluxharii, Penn Hill Garage...

Page 18 of August 1938 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, August 1938

Club News

Oita/Lewd BUGATTI OWNERS' CLUB The Bugatti Owners' Club is now launched on a highly successful season in respect of its Prescott hill-climb. A very good point is the issue of detailed, neatly printed results of every club event. The ambitious Monte-Honiton-Prescott Rally was won by C. I. Craig's Bugatti, who did the hill section at 55.6 secs., after a 1,400-mile journey via John o' Groat's. It...

Page 29 of August 1938 archive issue thumbnail Page 29, August 1938


BROOKLANDS IN A HEAT WAVE A VERY SUCCESSFUL AUGUST MEETING. LARGE CROWDS. G. ABECASSIS WINS THE BIG RACE FOR ALTA. SENSATIONAL OUTER CIRCUIT RACING BROOKLANDS sweltered in a real heat-wave on August Bank Holiday. In consequence, large crowds assembled on the Hill, and the Paddock was the scene of some sartorial sensations. Wilson's E.R.A. had a neat blue overcoat over its bonnet. In the Paddock...

Page 7 of February 1938 archive issue thumbnail Page 7, February 1938


FORD V8 WINS THE SEVENTEENTH MONTE CARLO RALLY LANCIA'S GRAND SLAM IN THE LIGHT CAR CLASS. SMALL BRITISH SALOONS DO WELL. IT is difficult to believe that such a successful event as this Seventeenth Monte Carla Rally has been, could ever have been, in jeopardy. : And yet after the previous year's Rally there had actually been talk of discontinuing it. The point is, of course, that the Rally will...



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