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Page 10 of October 1998 archive issue thumbnail Page 10, October 1998

From our Archives - Grand Prix domination

As the Editor pointed out last month, Grand Prix racing has never been in such an open state, with every race wide open as to its outcome. No driver, or make of car, has been dominating the scene and this must be a healthy state of affairs to encourage everyone to put every effort into their racing. Over the years there has often been one team or one driver who has dominated the Grand Prix scene...

Page 52 of March 1973 archive issue thumbnail Page 52, March 1973

Tony Brooks looks back

SEVENTEEN YEARS AGO, the chance of a British car winning a World Championship Grand Prix was unlikely, the prospect of that state of affairs changing looked remarkably dim. With Mercedes-Benz and Maserati having a virtual stranglehold on the World Championship series, British efforts in no way matched up to the Continental opposition. BRM's effort usually resulted in a few fleeting moments of...

Page 42 of May 2010 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, May 2010


Italian pride shines bright at the start of a new World Championship, but 10 years later the British turn F1 on its head – and back to frontBy Doug Nye GiovanBattista Guidotti was a jovial, charming old gentleman. He was a racer right from his toecaps to his fingertips. But he came from a different era. Before World War II he had been a mechanic, tester, and eventually capo collaudatore – chief...

Page 60 of August 1960 archive issue thumbnail Page 60, August 1960

Letters from Readers

N.B.—Opinions expressed are those of our Correspondents and "Motor Sport" does not necessarily associate itself with them.---Ed. Castrol House Sir, We were very pleased to read Mr. R. Dowell's letter in your June issue, even though he doesn't like our new headquarters—Castrol House. Naturally, we do not expect everyone to like this building. Even Sir Christopher Wren had his detractors among...

Page 48 of October 1997 archive issue thumbnail Page 48, October 1997

The road to Morocco

He was Vanwall's number three to Moss and Brooks, but as Robert Edwards relates, Stuart Lewis-Evans could be challenge either man It was a subdued and depressing flight back from Casablanca in the BEA Viscount. The Grand Prix from which it was returning, the decider of the season, had delivered two long-awaited firsts to British motor racing; those of the first British world drivers' champion,...

Page 33 of May 1993 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, May 1993

In the beginning

Silverstone International Trophy 1954 "I only touched the tyres..." It is interesting how many readers saw and heard their first racing car in action at Silverstone. Since 1948, when the old RAF aerodrome was turned into a racing circuit, it really has been the home of British motor racing. Of course, Donington Park gave British motor racing enthusiasts the chance to see Grand Prix racing, as...

Page 65 of August 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 65, August 2012

1964: John Surtees

John Surtees’ glittering celebrity status is rightly underpinned by his unique achievement of being the only competitor ever to win world championships on two wheels and four. Yet his F1 record of six Grand Prix wins out of 111 career starts could be said to short-change his talents. Surtees was not simply a good driver, he was unquestionably a great driver, right up there among an elite group of...

Page 37 of November 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 37, November 1975

Book Reviews

"Vanwall—The Story of Tony Vandervell and his Racing Cars" by Denis Jenkinson and Cyril Posthumus. 176 pp. 91 in. x 6i int (PSL, Barr Hill, Cinnbridge. £4.95). The release of this long-awaited book about the late Tony Vandervell of the famous Thinwall-bearing Company and his successful on slaught on "the red cars" in Fl racing between 1954 and 1958 marks the book publishing event of the year, in...

Page 57 of September 1983 archive issue thumbnail Page 57, September 1983

Grand Prix Feature: Jacques Laffite

Two recent stories give an accurate indication of Jacques Laffite's true character. Over the years, Williams team de-briefing sessions have gained a reputation for being notoriously serious affairs in which outbursts of irreverent humour are few and far between. One incident in particular, however, stands out in the minds of various team members. At an early season test session the jaunty Laffite...

Page 38 of May 1965 archive issue thumbnail Page 38, May 1965

Ten short years

I cannot let the month of May 1965 go by without looking back to the same month in 1955, a mere ten years ago, for it was on the first day of that month that Stirling Moss drove his fantastic race in the Mille Miglia and I had the never-to-be-forgotten experience of riding with him in the 300SLR Mercedes-Benz sports car. Regular readers of Motor Sport will recall the exciting story I wrote in the...



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