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Page 43 of May 1997 archive issue thumbnail Page 43, May 1997

A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma

He was one of Britain's greatest prewar racing drivers but little was known about the man who called himself 'Williams'. Shaun Campbell reports In April 1929 the streets of Monte Carlo resounded for the first time to the sound and sight of Grand Prix motor racing. The Riviera resort for the very rich instantly became one of Grand Prix racing's most celebrated venues, a circuit where legends were...

Page 6 of October 1927 archive issue thumbnail Page 6, October 1927


THE BRITISH GRAND PRIX. A Triumph for Delage. CONTRARY to almost universal expectation the much vaunted R.A.C. Grand Prix went off in the manner of the proverbial wet squib—in more senses then one. • Preliminary disappointments included the early scratching of the new 12-cylinder Fiats and the American Duesenberg, while at the last minute a defective oil pump eliminated Harvey's Alvis—a car on...

Page 11 of June 2009 archive issue thumbnail Page 11, June 2009

Red Bull flies to first win

Adrian Newey became a Grand Prix winner with a fourth F1 team when Sebastian Vettel led home Red Bull Racing team-mate Mark Webber in China. Newey had previously tasted success with Williams, McLaren and Toro Rosso, and once came very close with Leyton House. Although the win was rightly flagged as the first for RBR, many of the team’s members were present when it won as Stewart GP at the...

Page 42 of December 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, December 2004

That was 1994

The death of Senna. Mansell's return. the Schumacher era begins. Court cases, massive fines, driver bans. All wrapped up by one of the most controversial title-deciders in Formula One history... Ross Brawn and Adrian Newey guide Adam Cooper through the 1994 season Photo: Motorsport Images For the past 20 years the Formula One world title has usually passed between McLaren, Williams and Ferrari....

Page 23 of November 1978 archive issue thumbnail Page 23, November 1978

The Canadian Grand Prix

Villeneuve at home Montreal, October 8th One week after the United States Grand Prix took place at Watkins Glen, the Grand Prix circus arrived to "pitch tent" in the new surroundings of the Ile Notre-Dame circuit, an artificial road course made up of access roads round a small island in the St. Lawrence River a stone's throw from the centre of Montreal. This was the third venue for the Canadian...

Page 98 of January 2010 archive issue thumbnail Page 98, January 2010

The politics of power-sharing

Cosworth could supply a third of the F1 grid in 2010, after the FIA ruled that new teams must use its engine. Will this herald a new era of ‘garagistes’?By Rob Widdows The new boys are doing their homework before moving up to senior school. They’re swotting up on the rules, already looking for loopholes, before packing their bags for the biggest move of all. But how many will be there on the...

Page 12 of September 2007 archive issue thumbnail Page 12, September 2007

Golden moment

Barrie ‘Whizzo’ Williams is celebrating 50 years of competition this summer, having held his first competition licence in 1957. His first event was a hillclimb at Prescott in 1957 and his first race was in a Morris Minor at Rufforth three years later. He has competed continuously ever since and now, aged 68, remains one of Britain’s most popular racers of historic cars.  “I’ll carry on racing as...

Page 102 of November 2010 archive issue thumbnail Page 102, November 2010

This seasons F1 Aero tricks

Battling rule-makers as well as rivals, F1 teams are as inventive as ever; you just can’t always see it Colin Chapman, who always sought ‘the next big thing’, would have hated today’s rule-bound racing, where every clever idea seems to be rapidly stamped on. But the biggest genie escaped from the bottle on his watch – the invisible art of aero-management. Since wings arrived in Formula 1 drag has...

Page 49 of March 1931 archive issue thumbnail Page 49, March 1931

Gliding Gossip and News

Gliding Gossip and News T month some reference was made to an interesting all-British intermediate glider, known as the "Scud." This machine represents a clear breakaway from orthodox practice in that instead of having a big wing-spread it has a span of only 25 feet. Its wing area is only 85 feet, its overall length 13 feet 4 ins., and it weighs but 103 lbs. So it will be realised that in every...

Page 98 of October 1982 archive issue thumbnail Page 98, October 1982

THE AVRO 504 — A Tribute

THE AVRO 5.D4 — A Tribute w BEFORE the First orld War, aeroplanes wgn wgn regarded as wonderful, mysterious, but seldom-encountered things, so far as those outside the intimate circle of the pioneer aviators were concerned. The future of the flying machine was regarded with scepticism — if God had intended man to fly, He would have made them grow wings, people said. . . . The mae that engulfed...



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