Sport Maxx RT2 x Longboarder Time Trial



Pete Connolly, with the help of BTCC star Jason Plato, recently created a dramatic time trial in Majorca. The British Champion longboarder used Plato’s slipstream to better his original time by over 11 seconds.

Plato lead the pair in a hot hatch fitted with the new Dunlop Sport Maxx RT2 tyre, which is the successor to the award winning Sport Maxx RT.

Connolly said: “During competition longboarders use a partner in front of them to help them build up speed quicker by cutting the wind resistance and creating a slipstream. To create a slipstream, you need to be very precise. I needed to be three to five metres behind the car at all times, any more and it wouldn’t work, any less I would be dangerously close to the car. During the time I accelerated out of corners quicker than ever before. I knew there was a good chance we would beat the time I set without the car but I didn’t expect to beat it by over 11 seconds.”

Plato commented: “The route throws up many challenges for a driver, hairpin bends, steep drops and falling rocks. The issue with creating a slipstream is that by reducing the wind resistance, Pete was constantly catching me. As his speed quickly increased, I had a few split seconds to accelerate to avoid Pete hitting the back of the car. In this situation grip precision was crucial to the success of the time trial. We had to descend 900 feet on a mountain road where nothing could be left to chance.”

You can view the video of this event below.

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