Motorsport UK announces £1million fund for grassroots and club racing

A £1million fund will be made available to Motorsport UK clubs around the country to minimise the financial impact of the coronavirus outbreak



A £1m fund has been set up to support UK motor sport clubs while racing has been brought to a halt by the coronavirus pandemic.

Motorsport UK, which governs the sport in the country, is offering grants and loans of up to £25,000 to its 720 member clubs, which organise and promote racing.

It said that the money would be a last resort for clubs that are struggling with the monetary impact brought on by the COVID-19 outbreak to the extent that they may not be able to resume racing when the restrictions lift.

Grants of up to £10,000 will be available, as well as loans for up to £25,000. A review panel will oversee the allocation of funds to clubs and circuits in need, with applications reviewed before any funding is released.

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“These are unprecedented times for the nation and for motorsport,” Chairman of Motorsport UK, David Richards, said.

“Our community looks to us to provide leadership and help protect motorsport from the financial fallout of this pandemic.  We have taken measures to reduce the overheads of the core organisation, while continuing to provide the essential levels of service to the sport.

“Today we have launched a series of financial measures that member clubs can access, in order to try and mitigate some of the hardship they are inevitably suffering.”

Before any applications are submitted, clubs have been told to follow government advice and take advantage of any other support.

Motorsport UK itself said that it had furloughed one third of staff, reduced staff pay and cut working hours. It has also frozen discretionary spending and capital expenditure projects.

“During this time, there is a spirit that we are all in this together, and it is only right that Motorsport UK takes practical measures to reduce expenditure, while launching these funds to preserve those responsible for organising events, without whom there can be no motorsport,” said Richards.

“We are custodians of motorsport in the UK and have a responsibility to our clubs, to do all that we realistically can, to sustain their operations at this uniquely challenging time.”

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