2017 Motor Sport gift guide part 5: gaming


Part five of the Motor Sport Christmas gift guide, including the best racing games and peripherals 

Thrustmaster T300 RS wheel and pedals

This is the very set used in the Motor Sport office. It’s solid, easy to set up, compatible with the latest PS3, PS4 and PC games (such as GT Sport and Project Cars 2), and has inspired a healthy dose of competition. Just get a leaderboard and watch your times rise (or tumble). 

From £249.99  Amazon

Project Cars 2

Digital editor Jack Phillips called this simulator a ‘giant killer’ in his review, as it boasts a burgeoning car list of Lotuses, Batmobile CSLs, NASCAR stock cars and LMP1 prototypes, with a solid handling model and a staggering collection of tracks. Spa-Francorchamps, in particular, is a favourite of the office.

From £29 – Amazon: PS4 / Xbox One / PC 

Motorsport Manager

Not so much a first-person racing game, but a management simulator, one which puts you in the seat of team principal for a fictional racing team. Not new-for-2017, but constantly updated. Hire/fire drivers, pit crew, design and upgrade parts over a season and tune your set-up and race strategy to changing weather conditions. Downloadable content now includes a GT series and a six-hour endurance series, as well as the included single-seater campaign. 

From £20Amazon

Gran Turismo Sport

A fully-fledged motor sport simulator, GT Sport includes a host of cars and circuits, both fictional and real. Its main draw is a steadily improving online experience, which pits you against similarly aggressive and skilled drivers in full race conditions, with yellow/blue/black flags and penalties for contact and crashes.
From £28 Amazon

Motor Sport USB power pack

Gone are the days of worrying about your phone battery. Charge your mobile phone on the go with a portable Motor Sport USB charger, ideal for race weekends, camping trips, or just when the charger is too far away to reach.

From £15 Motor Sport shop

Thrustmaster 250 GTO wheel

The most beautiful racing wheel we’ve seen, this one is an 8:10 scale replica of the real 250 GTO wheel, including a wooden rim surrounding a chrome bezel and logo. This has firmly been stamped on our wishlist from the day of its reveal. The only caveat is that it won’t be released until December 20.

From £350 – Thrustmaster

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