The best and worst of ’09

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OK, here we are, the right side of the winter solstice, and just two packets of mince pies away from Christmas.

The last few days have been spent meeting deadlines, standing in queues of other badly organised people and waking up thinking of another thing I’ve forgotten to do.


Now it’s time to put away the laptop, the phones and a hundred post-it notes reminding me to ask Lewis Hamilton if he really thinks it’s wonderful to have Mr Button as his team-mate.

To all our ‘bloggers’ thanks for an interesting and lively 2009 and I hope you have a great Christmas break whether you be in snow or sunshine, southern or northern hemisphere.

To get us all prepared for a new year here are my top five best and worst moments of the racing season just gone by.

Best five:
Valentino Rossi’s victory laps
The sight and sound of Aston Martin at Le Mans
Rick and Rob Hall in their Matras at Portimao
Jenson Button in the Brazilian Grand Prix
Fisichella chasing Räikkönen at Spa


Worst five:
Felipe Massa’s accident in Hungary
The whole Piquet Junior saga
The mess that Donington Park circuit has become
Mikko Hirvonen losing the WRC title by one point
McLaren’s Davey Ryan being sent home from Malaysia

How about yours? Merry Christmas, and have a great holiday.

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