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Significant circulation growth for Motor Sport Magazine in its centenary year

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Motor Sport Magazine marks its milestone 100th year with significant circulation growth according to 2023 ABC Audit Results.

In a landmark year celebrating its centenary, Motor Sport Magazine is thrilled to announce a remarkable 14% growth in its circulation, reaching an overall monthly circulation of 41,139, according to the latest 2023 ABC (Audit Bureau of Circulations) Audit results. This achievement marks the magazine’s highest circulation volume in over fifteen years and highlights its enduring legacy as the leading motor racing publication in the United Kingdom.

For the third consecutive year, Motor Sport Magazine remains the highest circulating motor racing title in the UK. This accolade underscores the magazine’s continued relevance and authority in the fast-paced world of motor sport, even as it commemorates its 100th year of uninterrupted coverage.

A significant factor in this year’s success is the magazine’s substantial digital footprint increase, with an impressive 35% growth. This digital expansion is driven by a 37% increase in digital subscriptions and a 17% growth in overall subscriptions year-on-year, reflecting the publication’s adept adaptation to the changing media consumption habits of its readers.

Since its inception as the Brooklands Gazette in July 1924, and its rebranding to Motor Sport the following year, the magazine has been at the forefront of motor racing journalism. Celebrating 100 years of excellence, Motor Sport Magazine has consistently provided insightful commentary, in-depth analysis, and comprehensive coverage to a dedicated and knowledgeable audience.

Amidst an era dominated by transient digital content, Motor Sport Magazine distinguishes itself with a thoughtful, analytical approach to motor racing coverage. Its commitment to high-quality journalism is evident across its print editions, digital platforms—including a soft paywalled website and app—and its presence on Apple News+, offering engaging content that rewards reader loyalty and engagement. This dedication has driven sustained subscriber growth and ABC circulation increases of a combined 22% for the past two years.

Reflecting on the centenary and this year’s digital growth, Motor Sport Magazine’s Head of Digital, Marketing and Subscriptions Zamir Walimohamed commented: “As we celebrate 100 years of Motor Sport, our significant digital growth is a clear indicator of our commitment to digital transformation and providing customer-first experiences. Our continued investment in digital platforms and content not only honours our storied past but also ensures our future as a leader in motor racing journalism. We are dedicated to innovating and enhancing our digital offerings to meet the evolving needs of our readers, ensuring that Motor Sport remains at the forefront of the industry for another century.”

Motor Sport Magazine looks forward to another century of being the definitive source for motor racing enthusiasts worldwide, continuing its mission of enriching the motor racing discourse with unparalleled analysis and context.

About Motor Sport Magazine:

Celebrating 100 years of publication, Motor Sport Magazine is the UK’s premier motor racing publication, offering unrivalled coverage of the motor racing world. With a legacy of authoritative reporting and in-depth analysis, Motor Sport caters to a knowledgeable and passionate audience, delivering content across print and digital platforms that engages and informs motor racing enthusiasts around the globe.

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