Podcast: Jochen Mass, Porsche's winning formula

Motor Sport Podcast

Jochen Mass spent over a decade with Porsche, hurling Group C cars around the Nürburgring, winning races across Europe and driving alongside other sports car greats. In the first podcast of our new series, he reveals Porsche's winning formula


If anyone knows Porsche’s winning formula, it’s Jochen Mass.

For more than a decade, he raced sports cars with the factory team, competing in seven Le Mans 24 Hour races and winning multiple world championship races.

Mass joins us for the first in our new podcast series, recalling his early days with the outfit, when the Porsche Development Centre consisted mainly of wooden sheds; and the development of the 956 and 962 with the legendary engineer, Norbert Singer.

He describes the fearsome concentration needed to drive the Nürburgring in a Group C sports car; working with team-mates including Stefan Bellof and Bobby Rahal, and explains why Porsche’s IndyCar never achieved its potential.

He’s frank, funny and doesn’t pull his punches. Sit back and enjoy.