Podcast: Norbert Singer, Porsche's winning formula

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The architect of Porsche's sports car racing triumphs for 40 years, Norbert Singer joins us for a podcast to explore the company's remarkable record of success

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Nobody knows the secret to Porsche’s winning formula more than Norbert Singer.

The legendary engineer was a crucial part of every Porsche Le Mans victory between 1970 and 1998 and also had a key role in developing perhaps the greatest sports car of all time: the Porsche 911.

In this podcast from our Porsche’s winning formula series, Singer speaks about his early career, and how he came close to joining Opel before arriving at Porsche and helping to develop the 917 into a Le Mans winner.

His experience spans the Targa Florio to modern Le Mans and he recalls the driving talents he’s worked with at those races. He also offers his view on why the 956 and 962 are the most successful sports cars of all time

Singer describes his view of motor racing’s future and explains that he’s always nervous when a car runs faultlessly at Le Mans — because it usually means that a problem is just around the corner.