Podcast: Sir Jackie Stewart, Centenary Stories

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We only had an hour, so buckle in for a whirlwind recap of Sir Jackie Stewart’s dazzling career on and off the race track as he joins the Centenary Stories podcast to celebrate 100 years of Motor Sport

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Centenary Stories with Sir Jackie Stewart
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Sir Jackie Stewart joins Rob Widdows in the latest episode of our centenary series, celebrating 100 years of Motor Sport through the eyes of some of its greatest characters,

In the space of an hour, the three-time F1 World Champion recalls the racing — and autographs — that inspired him as a child, and led him to immense success. He talks of the camaraderie between the drivers of the 1960s; his friendship with Jim Clark and Jochen Rindt; and the tragedies that spurred him to lead a safety revolution.

There’s the story of how close he came to becoming a Ferrari factory driver — an episode that led to a lifetime of mistrust between him and Enzo Ferrari, but also contributed to his partnership with Ken Tyrrell and their subsequent world championships.

Far from contemplating a quiet life, Sir Jackie speaks about his career after racing: team ownership, his continued love of Formula 1, and his enduring fight to find a cure for dementia.