Rallycross comes to Project CARS 2

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It’s about time Rallycross was paid more attention by the gaming community. Enter Project CARS 2 and the news that is has digitally recreated the sport with 600bhp monsters and 70-foot jumps. 

Racers Mitchell deJong and Oliver Eriksson have been hired as consulants by Slightly Mad Studios, the creators of the game, and have helped make the officially licensed cars and tracks (as well as the likes of Daytona and DirtFish in the US, there’s also Lydden Hill). 

Having met the team at Slightly Mad Studios I can safely say that they are proper fans of the sport. And not just of the modern machinery – we spent longer talking about a Clark Lotus than we did about the McLaren P1. It bodes well for the game. 

Rallycross details

Official trailer

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