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Rally Replay, an astounding collection of vintage rally cars, equipment, memorabilia and more has just opened up – could it be the off-road garage of your dreams?

Rally Replay overhead photo

Rally replay is part-museum, part-showroom

Jayson Fong

A WRC round-winning Subaru Impreza S5 WRC, a mint condition Sierra Cosworth GPA and more Lancia Delta Integrales than you can shake a wheel-gun at.

This could well sound like the perfectly curated off-road section of a virtual Gran Turismo garage, but is actually the new showroom and “working museum” Rally Replay.

As featured in this month’s magazine, Motor Sport’s Damien Smith visited the new Chichester-based attraction to take in a wealth off-road machinery and memorabilia.

Nothing of this scale has been done quite like this before – general manager and curator Adam Migdhall explained the motivation behind the venture, which is free to visit.

“We want to keep the cars alive because as their values go up parts are increasingly hard to come by, people aren’t seeing the cars and younger people are not getting interested,” he said. “We want to put the cars in the spotlight and create a place where people can come and see them, as a one-stop shop for rallying. It’s a new home for the sport.”

Though the plan is ultimately to expand further, the current collection is impressive enough: the aforementioned Impreza which took four-time world champion Juha Kankunnen to his last ever WRC victory at Finland ’99; Carlos Sainz’s Repsol-liveried Delta Integrale in which he won the last ever rally for a works Lancia in ’93; the HF Integrale in which Didier Auriol won two WRC events and then crashed at Rally Cataluyna, leading to his title challenge unravelling, a replica Lancia service van and more.

From the archive

Also garnered at Rally Replay is treasure trove archive of the late rally journalist Martin Holmes, featuring iconic rally plates, almost endless media passes and tabards from the relevant events – plus a jaw-dropping collection of over 20,000 photographs, which have been meticulously catalogued will soon be available to purchase online.

Although the point of the operation is primarily to sell cars, Midghall emphasised its as much a hub of rallying enthusiasts as it is a retail showroom.

“It’s built by enthusiasts for enthusiasts,” he says. “It doesn’t matter if you’re here to just look at the cars – it’s open for everyone. We’ll also be streaming World Rally Championship rounds live on our big screen, so you can come down to watch, and there’s no commitment to buy anything: just enjoy the space and gain a bit more knowledge about the sport.”

Swipe through our gallery above to get a full taste of what the fabulous Rally Replay showroom has to offer.