McLaren reveals Artura GT4 – its new-generation racing car

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McLaren unveils the all-new Artura GT4 car, ahead of its first run at Goodwood this weekend

McLaren Artura GT4

New GT4 Artura is McLaren's first new customer racing machine in years


McLaren has revealed the GT4 version of its new-generation Artura supercar, with a raft of upgrades that make it lighter, more powerful and more efficient than its predecessor.

Built around the all-new carbon-fibre chassis and V6 engine of the road-going model, the Artura GT4 is said to represent a “significant step-up” on the V8-powered 570S GT4 that it replaces.

Eligible for series including the British GT Championship, GT4 European Series and Nürburgring Endurance Series, the car will be battling the recently-launched Lotus Emira GT4, as well as track versions of the BMW M4, Porsche 718 Cayman, Aston Martin Vantage and Audi R8.

McLaren Artura GT4

Artura GT4 is over 100kg lighter than its predecessor


Its first appearance will be on the hillclimb at this weekend’s Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The new lighter and more fuel efficient V6 engine (shorn of 130kg due to a lack of hybrid components, not permitted by GT4 regulations), pumps out 577bhp and 431lb-ft of torque in road car guise, and McLaren says that the racing version has more than enough power for competition where 450bhp limits are typical.

The power unit is married to the new carbon fibre monocoque which offers a 100kg weight reduction over the 570S GT4 (which clocked in at 1313kg).

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Furthering the advancement on the model which came before it, the car also features shorter gear ratios than the previous GT4 , a mechanical limited slip differential, sliding pedal box for adjustment at different circuits and a Bosch motor sport electrical system.

The space occupied by the hybrid unit in road cars has been filled by the fuel tank and part of the drive system to lower the Artura GT4’s centre of gravity,

Customers will be able to further upgrade the car with optional extras that include, additional lights for night racing, drinks systems, telemetry and a collision avoidance system radar to warn of cars approaching from behind.

“The Artura GT4 is the second race car to be built from the ground-up by McLaren Automotive’s Motorsport division,” said McLaren Automotive director of motorsport Ian Morgan.

“Based on the revolutionary new McLaren Artura, it represents a significant step up from the outgoing 570S GT4, itself a hugely successful competition car which has achieved many race and championship wins with our customer racing teams. With lighter weight, extremely precise handling characteristics and enhanced durability – as well as the packaging and efficiency advantages and all-round serviceability for mechanics of the new V6 powertrain – the Artura GT4 will set new class standards, as we are already seeing from our extensive test and development programme.”