Alfa Romeo extends Sauber sponsorship deal in multi-year agreement


Alfa Romeo's partnership with Sauber will be revisted yearly after announcing an extension on its sponsorship deal

F1 2021 Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo will be staying in F1 for the foreseeable future

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Alfa Romeo will retain its naming rights over the Sauber Formula 1 team after announcing an extension of its sponsorship deal.

The relationship between both parties has been extended as part of a multi-year agreement but the partnership will be revisited annually.

Alfa Romeo is aiming for substantial improvements over the next few seasons as Formula 1 prepares for a new era in 2022 with a total redesign of the cars.

The new deal will extend the partnership to outside of F1 with the Sauber Motorsport and Sauber Technology groups joining forces with Alfa Romeo’s road car division.

Back in 2018, the Alfa Romeo name returned to Formula 1 with a sponsorship deal with Sauber that included the renaming of the team.

“We are delighted to be announcing the extension of this partnership. Alfa Romeo have been an incredible companion over the last few years, and we are even more excited about the chapters that are yet to come,” team principal Fred Vasseur said.

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“The new regulations are giving us the chance to make another step forward and I firmly believe we are perfectly placed to make big gains together. We are looking forward to our future together and to keeping moving towards the front of the grid.

“This relationship is also very important for our company as a whole, beyond the track: the work we have done in the automotive world has shown the extent of the technology and manufacturing skills of Sauber Engineering and we are confident we can continue working for Alfa Romeo on new and exciting projects that will shape the future of the car industry.”

“As an historic Italian automotive brand, Alfa Romeo was born on the racetrack. Today we are proud to continue honouring that racing DNA by placing it at heart of the future of our Brand,” Alfa Romeo CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato said of the extension.

“We are driven by passion and excellence. Formula 1 represents a cutting-edge laboratory for the future electrification of our range, fully coherent with our vision for the coming years. Furthermore, motorsport brings the incomparable global exposure we wish to leverage for a successful future.”