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Regular readers of the magazine will recognise Finish Line, where drivers offer a snapshot into their lives. If you haven’t seen them, we’re reproducing the series, starting with two new ones.

After Andrea de Adamich last week, this time Charlie Whiting answers Rob Widdows’ quickfire questions.

When did you first read Motor Sport?
About 1966, I would say

Your day-to-day drive? 
E63 Mercedes

The best car you’ve owned? 
E63 Mercedes

One racing car, one circuit…
Chaparral 2F,  Road America

Who you most admire?
My wife, for putting up with my obsession with my job

Your best friend?
My wife

Your best character trait?

Most prized possession?
I’ve never been much of a collector – I wish I had been – so I don’t have much memorabilia, but I do have a very nice watch which I’m very fond of.

Your greatest extravagance?
My car

Favourite place in the world?

Your restaurant recommendation?
Steirerschlossel Hotel in Zeltweg

The music you’re listening to?

The movie you love?
The Usual Suspects

The last thing you read?

The best advice you’ve been given? 
This wasn’t given to me but it seems very profound: “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

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